Inline (Office365)
(Changing MX Record)

For inline configuration you will need to change the MX record of your organizational domain to point to Perception Point’s servers (effectively to Amazon SES). All incoming mail to this domain will first be received by Perception Point, following this, it will be delivered to the next mail relay (i.e. Office365).

Follow the following steps to accomplish this setup

Please follow the order and do not skip steps, if any difficulty accrues in one of the steps please contact Perception Point

1. Customer will provide Perception Point with these details:

  1. Domain Name (i.e.
  2. Original MX record for this domain (I.e

2. Verify domain against Amazon SES

  1. Create a TXT domain verification record with the value presented in the account settings section. This configuration should be done in the domain provider management dashboard.

Note: do not change MX record before confirming with Perception Point that the TXT record is added and the domain is verified.

3. Whitelist Perception Point IP’s as trusted sender, follow these steps in Office365:

  1. Exchange Admin → protection → connection filter → <Edit ‘Default’> → Allowed IP Address → <Add the following IP addresses>

4. Disable IP Throttling

  1. Exchange Admin → mail flow → connectors → <create new connector>
  2. From: Partner organization, To: Office365
  3. Name: Disable IP Throttling on PerceptionPoint Connector
  4. “Use the sender’s IP Address” → <Add the following IP addresses>

  5. Leave default TLS settings
  6. Save

5. Change MX record of the domain to Amazon SES address:


6. (Optional) Add quarantine rule for malicious mails:

  1. Exchange Admin → Mail flow → Rules → “Create a new rule…”
  2. (Before filling the next fields click on “More options” at the bottom)
  3. Name: PerceptionPoint Quarantine Rule
  4. Select “Apply this rule if…” → “A message header…” → “Matches these exact patterns”
    1. Choose “Enter Text” → <Insert “X-PERCEPTION-POINT-VERDICT“> (without quotes)
    2. Choose “Enter Text Patterns” → <Insert “MAL“> (without qoutes)
  5. Select “Do the following…” → “Redirect the message to…” → “Hosted quarantine”
  6. Add more actions of your preference (i.e. “Generate incident report and send it to…”)

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