Phisher Errors Lower Entry Barriers for Wanna-be Phishers

Dana Roth

Each year, it becomes easier for wanna-be phishers to create successful campaigns. This is well-known. But now, it’s at its easiest. Anyone can successfully set up and employ a phishing scheme – without knowing any programming, going to the darknet or paying a thing.

Employee Security Training <br> Proven Not Enough

Security Awareness Training

Train the machine—not just the employee. Hackers know that many companies rely on security employee training alone, so they’ve been upping their game to trick even the most trained employees into phishing scams. Phishing email attacks are nothing new. These attacks have been around for 15 years, but they are still one of the top […]

Default Email Security Not Secure Enough

Default Email Security

The adoption of cloud email is increasing every year, with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 dominating. And now, a new report by Gartner noted that many clients have expressed dissatisfaction with default email security solutions, specifically citing Office 365.

Don’t Forfeit Productivity for Secure Internal Email Communication

internal email security person typing on laptop

Gone are the days of running down the hall to ask an important question and get the answer immediately. Remote and hybrid workforces depend heavily on email to communicate and share files. How can you secure email communication – especially for internal emails at the speed your business requires. Despite these changes, the need for […]

Slow Email Protection Software <br> Got You Down?

Slow email protection software

Protecting email is an absolute necessity to continuing business operations. Despite this necessity, however, many end-users find their email protection software takes too long to scan for threats.