Webinar: Our Friends, the Machines

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Join our webinar on October 18th at 10 AM ET/ 4 PM CET with Candid Wüest from Acronis and Roy Galili Darnell from Perception Point. Learn about what AI-related tools exist to respond to emerging threats, how AI and machine learning can solve the critical cyber talent shortage, and more.

Why CSOs Are Decluttering Their Cybersecurity Toolboxes

Slashed budgets, staff shortages, and the significant risks associated with legacy cybersecurity solutions – these reasons and more are why Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) are considering more efficient, secure systems with streamlined numbers of tools and layers.  The key for CSOs is to find the happy medium between big-tent cybersecurity […]

Web Security Solution

web security solution

Perception Point Advanced Browser Security ensures that access to dangerous web content is protected by adding multi-layered prevention and isolation technology to standard browsers. Learn more here.

IT Checklist for Managing Secure & Protected Teams

browser security IT checklist

Employees – especially those working remotely – are being blocked from accessing the productivity apps and 3rd-party sites they need to do their jobs. For IT leadership – this is a problem. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist for managing remote teams in 2022. Check it out!

Perception Point Launches Advanced Browser Security

Perception Point announced today the release of Perception Point Advanced Browser Security, a new web security solution which adds enterprise-grade security to native Chrome and Edge browsers. Perception Point Advanced Browser Security fuses patented browser security technology powered by Hysolate, a next-gen web isolation platform acquired by Perception Point in March 2022, and Perception Point’s […]

Webinar: Rethinking Browser Security, the Next Frontier for Attackers & Defenders

Join our webinar on September 13th at 10 AM ET/ 4 PM CET with Featured Guest Paddy Harrington of Forrester and Tal Zamir, Perception CTO. Learn how modern web security solutions allow users to leverage their native browsers, seamlessly integrating into their workflows while remaining safe and secured from advanced threats.

Why Traditional Security Solutions aren’t Stopping Ransomware

75% of companies that were hit by ransomware last year had up to date endpoint protection solutions in place. Why didn’t that help stop the attacks? Let’s take a look at the most common approaches to ransomware prevention, and why they haven’t been able to provide a solution for enterprises.

Designing Zero Trust Endpoints

Zero Trust is becoming a standard approach to securing access to enterprise applications (both cloud and on-prem). With Zero Trust, access is granted based primarily on user authentication and risk level, and not on the user’s presence in the corporate network. Based on the user’s credentials, the enterprise can grant access to a subset of enterprise resources and employees can work from any network without relying on a VPN connection. The architecture is called “Zero Trust” because the enterprise shouldn’t automatically trust endpoints within the corporate perimeter. Instead, it should verify all users and endpoints.

Is VDI Cost Effective vs Win10 Laptops?

VDI involves hosting virtual desktops on centralized server and storage infrastructure. In this blog post we discuss the cost effectiveness of VDI versus Windows 10, and what factors need to be accounted for when choosing between VDI and DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service).

Webinar: Securing Your Salesforce, Protecting Your Business

With so many opportunities to upload malicious content and execute hefty payloads, Salesforce is an ideal attack vector for bad actors looking to amplify their impact through data theft or financial gains. With all this in mind, the need for Salesforce security has never been clearer. Join Perception Point’s Customer Success Manager, David Leone and Product Marketing Manager, Keren Rogachevsky as they delve into all things Salesforce security. Monday, July 25th at 10 AM ET/ 4 PM CET.

Behind the Attack: XML or HTML?

A new cyberattack disguises HTML phishing sites as XML files, allowing attackers to bypass and evade most detection platforms.

OneDrive, Many Malwares

Perception Point’s Incident Response team analyzes a recent malware attack targeting OneDrive.

Up Next: ATOs Takeover Universities

As an increasing number of universities are hit by account takeover attacks, it seems the educational sector may be the next trending target for cyber attackers.

Perception Point Announces Advanced Threat Protection for CRM Platforms on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Perception Point announced today the launch of its Advanced Threat Protection for CRM Platforms on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to provide complete protection against content-borne threats infiltrating organizations through Salesforce. Leveraging multi-layered advanced detection engines, Perception Point’s solution automatically scans all content uploaded to Salesforce in near real-time, enhancing Salesforce’s native security features by accurately detecting and intercepting malicious content without disrupting Salesforce usage or business operations.

Perception Point Named on FinTech Global’s Third Annual CyberTech 100 List

Perception Point recognized as one of the world’s 100 most innovative solution providers helping financial services firms fight off cyber attacks. The CyberTech100 list, launched by specialist research firm FinTech Global, recognizes the world’s most innovative solution providers helping financial services firms prevent cyber attacks, protect customer information and mitigate digital risks.

Perception Point Wins Grand Trophy and Gold Globee® Award in the 2nd Annual 2022 Disruptor Company Awards

Perception Point Recognized as Leader and Innovator in the Cyber Security Cloud/SaaS Category. Perception Point, the leading provider of advanced threat prevention across digital channels, announced today that The Globee® Awards, organizers of the world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, has named Perception Point a winner in the Annual 2022 Disruptor Company Awards.

The ROI of Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security

With just 3 inputs, you can understand the ROI of Advanced Email Security for your organization. Calculating the ROI of email security remains an enigma for many security professionals, even though it can significantly help enterprises during their planning and decision making. Use our sophisticated online calculator to achieve your business goals.

Behind the Attack: Ransomware

Have you ever wondered about the intricacies of a ransomware attack? In this post we detail what goes on before, during, and after a ransomware campaign.

Advanced Threat Protection for Salesforce

Organizations rely on Salesforce to manage their relationships with external users such as customers and partners. These users upload content into the organization’s Salesforce environment on an ongoing basis, increasing the risk of a cyberattack. Organizations need to evaluate their exposure to threats and add sufficient protection on top of Salesforce.

Crypto-related phishing and how to avoid it

In this video for Help Net Security, Michael Aminov, Chief Architect at Perception Point, talks about a recent Binance impersonation attack and, more broadly, the ongoing threat landscape impacting the cryptocurrency industry.

What is EAC?

EAC, short for Email Account Compromise, is a type of cybersecurity attack in which cyber attackers attempt to fully compromise a user’s email account and gain access to their inboxes through several techniques, including malware, phishing and password spray. The attacker will then impersonate the user whose account they have breached and send phishing emails […]

Perception Point Acquires Hysolate

Perception Point announced that it has acquired Hysolate, a next-gen web isolation platform operating at the endpoint level, to deliver unprecedented protection against all content-based attacks by leveraging three necessary layers of cybersecurity technology: isolation, detection, and remediation.

Perception Point Checkmarx Vet to Head Channels, Alliances

Perception Point, the prevention-as-a-service company, has hired Orit Shilvock, previously with Checkmarx, as vice president of channels and strategic alliances. Shilvock brings over 25 years of experience managing client and business partnerships for companies including Nice Systems, Qognify, and Checkmarx. She will drive expansion of the Perception Point’s global partnership program and accelerating the GTM partnership […]

What is Spear Phishing?

Learn how spear phishing tricks users into providing confidential information and ways to protect yourself against it.

What is Trap Phishing?

Trap phishing is a type of phishing attack that capitalizes on human error to extract information or resources. Many people have suffered financial losses and reputational harm due to trap phishing, which is becoming increasingly more common these days.

Cyber Scams Know No Bounds

Phishing Attack Examples to Watch Out For | Perception Point

Every week, our IR team reviews hundreds of emails and files intercepted and flagged by our system, analyzing new attack trends and sometimes intervening in real-time to remediate attacks. In this article, we share a few recent examples of interesting attacks hailing from different regions around the globe that our advanced email security solution prevented, which were then analyzed by the IR team.

How to Conduct a Phishing Attack in a 5 Easy Steps

Phishing is cybercrime’s oldest threat and it continues to be one of the most trending attacks on individuals and organizations alike. In this blog post we discuss recent players on the cyberattack scene: script kiddies, and their methods that make phishing so easy, even for the inexperienced.

Advanced Security for Microsoft 365 Cloud Applications

advanced security for microsoft 365

As Microsoft continues to improve organizational agility and simplify the management of corporate applications, the adoption of Microsoft cloud products continues to grow. However, While Microsoft cloud products do come with native built-in
security features, they do have inherent limitations and are not sufficient to protect against today’s and tomorrow’s evolving threats.

Successor to ‘Shrootless’ Bug Attacks Mac SIP Feature

Researchers at Perception Point write about CVE-2022-22583, a successor to Shrootless that could let attackers bypass Mac System Integrity Protection (SIP). It was patched yesterday in macOS Monterey 12.2, macOS Big Sur 11.6.3 and Security Update 2022-001 Catalina. Apple shared the credit for this CVE between three researchers: Mickey Jin, Ron Hass of Perception Point and an anonymous researcher.

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

ransomware attack on a computer

Ransomware, an advanced form of cyberattack, is one of the biggest threats that security teams around the world are facing. All organizations have become a target, from small teams to large enterprises, state systems and government networks. 

Characteristics of Best Email Security Solutions

Many enterprises are suffering from a growing number of severe cyberattacks, where the majority of them – over 90% – originate from a malicious email and actually could have been prevented by a next-gen advanced email security solution with the right features and necessary level of protection. As a CISO or security leader, you are probably asking yourself, what are the characteristics of the top-notch email security solutions in the market? What should you look for, when evaluating an email security solution?

Webinar: Spread Love…Not Ransomware!

Join experts from Redpoint Cyber and Perception this Valentine’s Day to talk about how it’s becoming easier for attackers to launch ransomware attacks and what you can do to protect your organization.

‘Tis the Season…for Cyberattacks!

Unlike the rest of us, cyber attackers don’t take vacations. The holiday season is upon us, and many are preparing to celebrate with family and friends both near and far. For attackers, the holiday season is a perfect time to launch attacks, when businesses are closed or are operating with a skeletal crew.

Cyberattacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated

According to Perception Point CEO, Yoram Salinger, we will see cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated than they already are in the upcoming year. In this article we review why most enterprises are still susceptible to cyberattacks and what CISOs should take into consideration in 2022.

Phony Job Ads and How to Spot Them

Job ad scams are on the rise. According to the FBI, more than 16,000 Americans reported employment scams in 2020. Some are easy to spot. Others are quite sophisticated.

How to Stop Content-Borne Security Threats from Infiltrating your Amazon S3 Buckets

88% of organizations acknowledge that their S3 buckets are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.
Hear from Amazon Web Services (AWS) expert Aharon Twizer and Perception Point co-founder Michael Aminov about new security risks and why protecting your business and customers from malicious content and malware on your AWS S3 Buckets with legacy antivirus (AV) scanning is not enough.

Virtual Event: How did the bad guys get in? Attack vectors in the modern enterprise

Have you ever wondered how you were hacked? In this meetup, Perception Point will discuss the latest attack vectors that cybercriminals are employing to breach organizations. We will cover various techniques used through the email channel, cloud collaboration channels including Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive and perimeter breaches – diving into the attack kill chains.

Salesforce Email Service Used for Phishing Campaign

Cybercriminals are using Salesforce’s mass email service to dupe people into handing over credit card numbers, credentials and other personal information in a novel phishing campaign that highlights the threats to corporate networks that can come from whitelisted email addresses.

AWS S3 can be a security risk for your business

Along with the shift to the cloud and emergence of modern digital services and applications, new security concerns have emerged for organizations. This article discusses how new use cases are creating security risks for AWS S3 users, and best practices for organizations on how to protect their organizations with advanced threat protection services.

Security Risks in Amazon S3 Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we discuss Amazon S3 service security risks and provide data-driven, actionable advice for ensuring that malicious artifacts will never infiltrate your S3 Buckets.