This option allows for the duplication of, all or part of the production mail flow to Perception Point’s service, without changing the customer’s MX record.

Follow these steps to enable this mode in Office365:

1. Create BCC Rule

  1. Exchange Admin → Mail flow → Rules → “Create a new rule…”
  2. Name: PerceptionPoint BCC Rule
  3. Important: Before filling the next fields click on “More options…” at the bottom
  4. Select “Apply this rule if…”
    1. Select “The recipient is…”
    2. Add all users/groups you wish to duplicate to Perception Point
  5. Select “Do the following…” → “Add Recipents…” → “to the Bcc box” →”Check names” → (Put the BCC address available in you accounts’ settings section)
  6. Save

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