Cloud Storage Security: 7 Cloud Services Compared on Security

cloud storage security

What is Cloud Storage Security?    While cloud storage is convenient and enables access to data from anywhere, cloud storage security is becoming a top concern for IT and security departments. There are important steps businesses should take to improve the security of cloud storage and keep sensitive data safe in the cloud.   Organizations […]

Dropbox Security: Dropbox Basic vs. Dropbox Business

dropbox security

What Is Dropbox Security? Dropbox is a collaboration platform that allows users to share and contribute to files. As with any file-sharing system, it is important to ensure Dropbox security by making sure files are only accessible to authorized individuals and prevent their exposure or corruption.    Dropbox maintains a secure environment, with encryption and […]

Google Drive Security Concerns & 9 Advanced Security Features

google drive security

What Is Google Drive Security?  Google Drive is a free cloud-based storage service, with a paid business version offered as part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). The service allows users to store any files in the cloud, sync them with mobile devices and personal computers, and easily share them with others.   While Google […]