Malware Protection: Types, Tools and Best Practices

malware protection

What Is Malware Protection Malicious software (malware) is a program designed to perform malicious activities. For example, malware can be programmed to spy on browser activity, steal financial information, or irreversibly encrypt data and demand a ransom.   There are many types of malware—the most common are viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, spyware and adware. We […]

Malware: Types, Examples, and How Modern Anti-Malware Works


What Is Malware?  Malware (malicious software) is designed to disrupt the normal functioning of a computer or other device. It is an umbrella term for viruses, trojan horses, and other destructive computer programs that attackers use to compromise systems and networks, sabotage systems, and gain access to sensitive information.   Malware is usually a file […]