SE Labs Names Perception Point as #1 - Best Email Security Service

Read the world’s first in-depth, public test of email security services vs. commodity and targeted attacks. Tested against some of the top known services in the industry.

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Email-borne attacks are still the most used and most successful attack vector. Malicious actors are using various techniques – phishing, BEC, malware, APTs, exploits, and advanced evasion mechanisms – to penetrate organizations and gain financial benefits or access to critical enterprise data.


Being the target of an email-borne attack is not a question of if, but when.


This is why you must be 100% certain that you select the top email security solution available – one that covers all modern threats without interfering with user experience or creating IT overhead.


But with so many vendors, it is hard for anyone to really understand how email security solutions differ and which one of them is truly the best in the market. SE Labs’ latest comparative testing report provides CISOs and security experts an independent review on the leading email security vendors.


Perception Point is proud to not only have been ranked #1 in the report and awarded with the highest “AAA” rating, but to also be ranked #1 in detection rate, false positive rate and overall accuracy rating.


Read this comprehensive report today, to learn about:

• Who the best email security vendors in the market are
• The methods used by SE Labs to test all types of email attacks
• What the false-positive rate of the tested vendors are
• Why you need to improve your Microsoft Office 365 or G-Suite email security

Download the report today and join Perception Point on our journey to ruin the attackers’ day, every day.