The modern enterprise is undergoing a transformation.

On one hand companies are driving growth by shifting towards smarter, leaner cloud-based architectures. However, at the same time they are increasingly exposed to damaging attacks due to the sophistication of hackers, coupled with new security blindspots arising from growing collaboration channels (email, messaging, CRM, video conferencing, etc).

Next generation cybersecurity is urgently needed to align with this new environment. The current technologies are being evaded, and it is unsustainable to protect many different channels with many different solutions – this only creates more complex infrastructures and reduced efficiency for security teams.

We are focused on closing these new security gaps with a holistic solution fusing cloud performance with robust threat prevention. Delivering advanced collaboration security designed for the modern enterprise.

Who are we?

We build next gen cyberprotection to help companies stay steps ahead of today’s techniques.

We’re a team of Israeli intelligence engineers, scientists and professionals. We know cybersecurity is complex. There is no silver bullet. The more sophisticated your security, attackers are always on your heels. Our focus is on building next gen cyberprotection that helps companies stay many steps ahead.

Our know how

Intelligence Experts .

R&D leadership from the elite Israeli Intelligence Corps and global cyber security firms.

Data Driven.

Processing millions of data points daily to identify the most commonly used exploits and bugs.

Cloud Enabled.

Solutions built on a cloud platform for speed, innovation and flexibility.

Enterprise Ready.

Experienced in meeting the scale, compliance and service requirements of large enterprises.

The Company

Our Leadership.

Yoram Salinger

Chief Executive Officer

Formerly Redbend CEO, acquired by Harman. 20+ years leading global high-tech companies.

Shlomi Levin

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Formerly Senior Technology Leader at Cyvera, acquired by Palo Alto Networks, as well as Trusteer, acquired by IBM. Officer & Research Squad Leader in classified elite cyber unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Michael Aminov

Founder, Chief Architect

Formerly Chief Architect of CyActive , acquired by PayPal. Officer in classified elite cyber unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps. Awarded Israeli National Security Award.

Corie Chung

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Over 15 years' experience in global marketing & strategy. Led innovation and branding for Fortune 500 to start-ups across high-tech, banking, retail, beauty, and aviation.

Eyal Drami

Chief Finance & Operating Officer

Formerly VP Operations at Redbend, acquired by Harman. 20+ years experience in finance and operations for global high-tech companies.