at their source.

Next gen email protection

100% threat visibility.
14x Faster.
One-click deployment.
Unlimited scale.

We stop email attacks at the earliest possible stage - pre-malware delivery - for faster, more accurate protection against zero day, n-day, and every day threats.

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The source of 91% of attacks.

Email is the most accessible channel for hackers. All they need is one address plus one unsuspecting user, and with a seemingly innocuous URL or attachment - they're in. Five thousand email accounts are five thousand points of entry.

A strong cybersecurity strategy must ensure
this channel is as fortified as possible.

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Advanced Email Protection.

100% threat visibility. 14x faster. One-click deployment. Unlimited scale.

Next gen solution to protect your business from today's email borne zero-day, n-day and every day threats that utilize any type of attachment or URL. Deterministic technology targets exploits prior to code execution, so malware is never released in the first place.

100% Visibility Into Any Threat.

Utilize CPU level data to "x-ray" any code executed by the system for cutting edge advanced threat protection, on top of the market standard protection against every day threats. Covering all attachments and links.


Every Day
Threats .

Low risk.
Low exposure.

Signature-based attacks

Spam, Phishing, commodity malware

Well-covered by AVs & Sandbox

Threats .

Medium risk.
High exposure.

Masked attacks & unpatched software

Exploits leveraging known vulnerabilities. Altered signatures prevents detection.

Easily evade AVs & Sandbox

Threats .

High risk.
High exposure.

Unknown vulnerabilities

Exploits leveraging unknown vulnerabilities in Office, Adobe and browsers.

Easily evade AVs & Sandbox

Zero delay

Sophisticated in-line prevention engines reduce scans to 15-30 seconds from the 7-20 minute scans by leading solutions, minimizing impact on user productivity.

One-click deployment

Native cloud on top of existing servers, adapting policies, rules and quarantine with no need to change anything. No MX record change and zero on-boarding time.

Unlimited scale

Auto scale capabilities ensure 100% of email traffic is scanned, regardless of organization size.

Privacy & compliance

Our servers process data in less than a minute, after which no data is stored. We take compliance seriously and are undergoing the SOC2 process, to be completed in 2018.

Smart Viewer.

We aren’t inserting any new dashboards into your day, and will call if any serious incidents occur.

However, you can always access key data points and tools through our self-service viewer.

Smart Viewer



Real-time insights and trends on your organization’s email traffic. See most targeted software, file classifications, most targeted users, most common domains, and more.

Smart Viewer


Analyze any file or URL.

Upload any suspicious file or URL, from any software, and get an immediate analysis.

Smart Viewer


Conduct forensics.

Determine the scope and scale of an attempted attack. Identify current threats and prioritise response efforts.

24/7 Incident response.

Our expert intelligence team is always available. If you experience an incident, we will immediately call and provide relevant advice on the nature of the threat, and bugs that may need to be patched.

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Research & News.

Asset 5
Case Study

Case Study: Advanced Attack Analysis

Uri Ahronovich

Perception Point’s platform recently caught an advanced threat directed at one of our customers within a Microsoft Word file.

Asset 5

Why Relays, AVs, & Sandboxes just aren’t enough anymore

By Jonathan Levy

Over the years organizations have implemented multi-layered approaches to protect their email, due to the fact that no single solution has provided sufficient results.

Asset 5

Breaking CFI: Exploiting CVE-2015-5122 using COOP

By Oshri Sela & Shlomi Levin

In this series of posts we’re going to demonstrate how modern CFI implementations can be circumvented.

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