Organizations are modernizing their existing application portfolios and building new and innovative products and services for their customers. At the same time, cloud adoption is becoming a “horizontal transformation” as new tech companies such as insurtechs, fintechs, SaaS business app providers and small-medium businesses leverage the cloud’s agility, speed, scale, and cost advantages.

Consequently, as shown in an industry survey of organizations using S3 today,  we have noted that these organizations and innovative SaaS vendors are increasingly storing their internal data and also files received from external sources, in Amazon S3 buckets. This is spurring a growing need for a threat protection service to protect their businesses and customers without impacting existing business processes and the user experience. Today, we’re excited to introduce our advanced threat protection service for AWS S3 buckets – available on AWS Marketplace – providing the same robust threat detection typically available solely for email, for ensuring that no entry point is left exposed to content-based attacks. We’re also delighted to announce being selected as an advanced technology partner of AWS, and joining the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program.

“As we witness the rapid growth in the usage of Amazon S3 in business operations and new digital services for increased agility, performance, and reliability, we are experiencing an increasing demand from customers to provide an extra layer of protection for their Amazon S3 bucket. To meet customers’ requirements, the availability of Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for Amazon S3 Buckets in AWS Marketplace enables our customers to protect their Amazon S3 environment from malicious content found in files and embedded URLs without impacting the speed of their services.”

 Dudi Matot, Principal Segment Lead, Security, AWS.

Extending Perception Point’s Next-Gen Technology to Secure Amazon S3 Buckets 

Perception Point’s patented technology dynamically scans 100% of traffic at a maximum of 30 seconds, regardless of scale or volume. Our cloud-native technology, that is based solely on AWS, takes full advantage of its capabilities, allowing us to deliver a robust cybersecurity solution at the speed and scale of any business. 

So for us, protecting S3 buckets comes as a natural extension of our platform, leveraging infrastructure we already have in place. 

What This Means to Our Customers and Prospects

For our customers, the fact that we are based solely on AWS is an advantage: they protect their data within S3 buckets with a security solution that stays within the realms of Amazon and leverages their CloudFormation technology. 

Perception Point’s platform protects Amazon S3 buckets with 7 detection layers to identify and intercept any content-borne cyber-attack. The platform’s patented dynamic and static technologies rapidly scans all files to detect malware, ransomware, APTs, embedded malicious links, and evasion within seconds for best user experience and optimized business processes. 

Advanced Threat Detection for Amazon S3 buckets is rapidly deployed and delivers fast time-to-value with zero fuss from IT teams. With easy integration to any third-party system, an intuitive dashboard that doesn’t require long manuals, and complementary 360-degree incident response for every customer – protecting your business and customers has just gotten a lot easier! 

“We aim to protect our business and our customers in a fashion that does not tamper with files or hinder the customer experience. Perception Point delivers ease of integration and high detection rate at the speed and scale we need, allowing us to instantly and effectively dynamically scan our files to prevent content-based attacks.”

Alexander Getsin, director of information security at Tipalti

To learn more about Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection Service for Amazon S3 Buckets, check out the following announcement.