Flow Control Group’s Secret to Securing the Modern Workspace

How Flow Control Group is Taking the Most Advanced Cyber Threats Head-on
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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the modern workspace has become a complex and challenging environment to secure. In this webinar we will delve into pressing questions about Flow Control Group’s security challenges and how they are protecting their most attacked communication channels – email, Microsoft collaboration apps, and the browser. 

Join Jonathan Carr, Manager of IT, Security & Compliance, and Grant Walsh, Director of IT, Infra/Sec/Ops, at Flow Control Group in conversation with Perception Point’s Sr. Account Executive, Daisy Spencer to discover how they are addressing emerging cyber challenges to protect their fast growing organization. The panel will discuss multiple topics, including:

  • Unique and challenging security threats that the modern workspace presents, and why are they so difficult to mitigate
  • Solutions and strategies that can be implemented to offer to ensure a robust protection against modern workspace vulnerabilities
  • The criteria and process for selecting a new security solution 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into securing your modern workspace and learn how Flow Control Group is meeting these challenges head-on. 

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Meet the Speakers:

Grant Walsh

Director-IT, Infra/Sec/Ops

Flow control group

Jonathan Carr

Manager-IT, Security & Compliance

Flow control group

Daisy Spencer

senior Account Executive


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