Osterman Research Presents: The Role of AI in Email Security

The Rising Threat of AI-Enabled Email Attacks & How AI Can Defend Against Them
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In this webinar, Michael Sampson, Principal Analyst at Osterman Research & Karen Krivaa, Perception Point CMO, will discuss the current state of email security, highlighting the alarming rise of AI-enabled email attacks. With the majority of organizations today already experiencing threats enhanced by GenAI and AI chatbots, the importance of AI in defense strategies has become paramount.

Threat actors are increasingly abusing AI for crafting phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks that outmaneuver Secure Email Gateway (SEG) systems, emphasizing the need for innovation beyond the traditional tools. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Market Insights: Key trends, perspectives and insights by cybersecurity professionals provide a unique view of the current challenges and opportunities AI unfolds. 
  • Widespread AI Usage by Cybercriminals: With 91.1% of organizations experiencing AI-enhanced email attacks, the threat is more prominent than ever.
  • Importance of AI in Defense: AI-enabled protections have increased in significance, as AI-enabled attacks easily circumvent existing detection systems. 
  • Best Practices for Security Leaders: Combining AI-powered technologies with cybersecurity expertise and insight for multi-layered defense, extending beyond email to collaboration channels, and more practical guidance for security and IT stakeholders.

This webinar is essential for security professionals, business leaders, and industry researchers seeking to understand and navigate the complex landscape of AI in email security.

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