Reducing Cyber Risk in Enterprise Email Systems

It’s Not Just Spam and Phishing
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Many of today’s most damaging cyberattacks begin with a phishing lure delivered over corporate email. The attacks against Microsoft Exchange illustrated the extent of damage attackers can inflict by targeting enterprise email servers.

Many enterprises still don’t have a unified security strategy for preventing intrusions via their email and messaging systems, leaving themselves open to a wide range of exploits.

In this webinar, top experts discuss strategies for limiting access to critical email systems, when to encrypt email attachments and transmissions, minimizing phishing risks, and how to build a day-to-day process for protecting email against common cyberattacks.

  • Learn best practices for creating a unified email and messaging cybersecurity strategy 
  • Find out about the latest threats against enterprise email and messaging services 
  • Hear how experts recommend protecting the enterprise against increasingly sophisticated lures 

Presented live by featured speakers Tom Parker and Roy Darnell. 

Moderated by Becky Bracken.

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