The Intersection of (Gen)AI & Cybersecurity

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This session will delve into the intersection of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and cybersecurity. Designed for security professionals, the discussion moves beyond buzzwords and will examine the real benefits and risks that GenAI presents as it becomes readily available to businesses and threat actors alike.

We will cover multiple ways cybersecurity meets GenAI, including: attacks that attempt to bypass GenAI restrictions or confuse ML models; attacks that leverage GenAI to boost attacker productivity or create new types of attacks; and finally – examples of how GenAI enhances security teams and security products.

Join this session with Perception Point’s CTO, Tal Zamir, to gain practical strategies and important insights into the new cyber risks introduced by GenAI and how it can practically assist your security operations. This knowledge is crucial for anyone looking to effectively navigate today’s AI-augmented cybersecurity threat landscape. 

Tal Zamir

Tal Zamir


Perception Point