Rethinking Browser Security

The next frontier for attackers & defenders

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Learn how modern web security solutions allow users to leverage their native browsers, seamlessly integrating into their workflows while remaining safe and secured from advanced threats.

Digitization and remote working have forged a new frontier, positioning the browser at the front line of cyber attacks. Despite these advancements, web security solutions have stayed largely the same, unable to keep up, leaving the browser exposed. 

Join Perception Point CTO, Tal Zamir, and Forrester guest speaker, Paddy Harrington, as they discuss what comes next for browser security, including:

  • The need for users to browse any website/cloud service and get the full functionality of these browsers without latency.
  • How you can improve the security offered by standard browsers, including better, deeper, and earlier detection, built-in data loss prevention, and strong threat isolation that dramatically reduces the attack surfaces. 
  • Why increasing your organization’s security posture with rapid remediation of threats by both external and internal threat actors must be supported.

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paddy harrington

Paddy Harrington

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Tal Zamir

Tal Zamir

Chief Technology Officer, Perception Point