The Salesforce Loophole.

Overview. Today we present a blog that combines two main trends: (i) The use of collaboration channels to spread malware (Salesforce) and (ii) The increase in attackers’ sophistication and evasion techniques. In this case, the malicious actor tried to attack via the most popular CRM application in the world – Salesforce. This new “open vector” […]

CVE-2019-0539 Root Cause Analysis

tree root rca report

Learn how CVE-2019-0539 was fixed in the Microsoft Edge Chakra Engine update for January 2019 via a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) report.

CVE-2017-0199 (Still) In The Wild

edge of building cve-2017-0199

Learn how Perception Point’s advanced threat detection platform caught an advanced attack (CVE-2017-0199) delivered via a malicious document.