Browser Security: Secure Access to Sensitive Apps

Perception Point’s Advanced Browser Security protects your native browser, securing access to sensitive enterprise systems and protecting data, so you can work productively on any endpoint, including unmanaged or third-party devices.

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With Perception Point Advanced Browser Security You Can:

  • Protect access to sensitive web apps with multiple DLP controls
  • Fortify against malicious insiders
  • Ensure privileged access via a trusted browser
  • Simplify access to the corporate network
  • Secure 3rd party access (e.g. vendors/BYOD)

Extend “Zero Trust” to the endpoint

Protect access to privileged corporate systems and data

Secure corporate access from 3rd party devices

advanced browser security

Deployed on the endpoint, managed from the cloud

Perception Point Advanced Browser Security is deployed on user endpoints, but managed from the cloud, so you can quickly and easily scale it across your company, customizing settings for each team and their needs. Unlike cloud-based traditional RBI, VDI or DaaS solutions, Advanced Browser Security provides a great native user experience, with minimal lag and latency.

Secure Access to Sensitive Apps with Perception Point’s Browser Extension

Perception Point’s Browser Extension helps organizations protect their sensitive apps. Instantly deployed on any endpoint, multi-layered detection coupled with DLP & governance features protect your organization from data loss and malicious insiders, while users’ productivity is maintained. 

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Why Perception Point Advanced Browser Security

Perception Point transforms your organization’s native browser into a trusted browser that is secure by design.

Perception Point Advanced Browser Security adds enterprise-grade security to your organization’s native browsers. The solution fuses patented next-gen cyberthreat prevention technology with unmatched multi-layer detection engines coupled with comprehensive DLP & governance features.


This combination delivers the unprecedented ability to detect and remediate all malicious threats from the web, including phishing, ransomware, malware, APTs, and more, while also securing access to sensitive corporate apps, preventing data loss (DLP) by design on both managed and unmanaged endpoints.


Perception Point Advanced Browser Security is simply deployed via a lightweight extension in your native browser and is easily managed from the cloud.


Customers deploying the solution will experience fewer breaches and prevent data loss, while also providing their users with a better user experience, full compatibility with the web, Microsoft and Google ecosystems, for ultimate productivity.