Outbound Email Security

outbound email security

Deploy outbound email security to scan outgoing email traffic from within your organization’s domain for malware and phishing attacks. Perception Point’s next-gen technology detects anomalies and malicious behaviors in outgoing emails. Using proprietary anti-malware engines and ML-powered algorithms 100% of content is scanned with zero delay in traffic, no scale limits and no impact on user experience.


Account takeover attacks and sophisticated social engineering techniques are on the rise and relying solely on protecting your organization from external threats is no longer enough. Email threats that are sent from within your organization jeopardize your brand, introduce compliance issues and ultimately impact your business.

See how Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security Platform solves this problem with Outbound Email Security which detects outgoing malicious emails and effectively protects your organization’s security and reputation.

outbound email security
brand reputation

Prevent reputational risks to your brand

Identify emails containing malware or malicious links originating from your domain, leveraging your company’s credibility.

Boost inbound detection accuracy

ML-based analysis of communication patterns, contextual data and relationship graphs of vendors, partners and other external parties.

increased visibility

Gain visibility into insider threats

Rapidly respond and remediate malicious insider threats and compromised accounts within your organization

Perception Point featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security

Perception Point has been ranked #1 by
SE Labs’ independent Email Security Services Protection report

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