Case Study

High-Tech enterprise securing 3 collaboration channels

See how we helped a high-tech enterprise secure 3 collaboration channels: MS Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The solutions were deployed in one-click and secure the new way of working.

At a Glance

The Company

A global leading software and services provider to communications and media companies and over 35,000 employees worldwide.


With the COVID-19 changing the way the company works, an urgent security solution was needed to protect the company’s collaboration platform: Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Perception Point Solutions

Advanced Threat Protection for Teams; Advanced Cloud Storage Security for OneDrive and SharePoint.


  • Instant protection against content-based attacks, including files and embedded URLs.
  • One-click deployment across the full organization for all three applications.
  • No interference with end-users or loss of functionality.


The adoption of new channels for the company (Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint) causes a significant loophole in the organizations’ security. Mistakenly considered safe, CISOs and IT experts don’t take any special actions to secure these channels, although they are extremely vulnerable to content-based attacks. With the company’s sudden shift to remote working the IT and Security teams said that they had to “enable our workers to share content and collaborate from remote without the fear of being compromised, however, we knew there were gaps that Microsoft was not dealing with.”

Having been a “one-stop-shop” of Microsoft products, the company had moved within the last year to the cloud. The company was using Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint in order for their employees to collaborate and communicate. The users were not using these products too much until the COVID-19 situation began and the company had to instantly pivot to remote-working. With the sudden remote-working environment, the IT saw a significant and instant increase in the usage of these communication channels. As a result, the IT and Security team realized the potential risk for this new attack vector and needed a solution that they could install seamlessly, quickly and without losing functionality.

“From starting the POC on live traffic, I quickly realized how easy it was for attackers to shift the same complex email-borne attack that we are used to seeing, into a simple OneDrive attack”.

Cyber Defense Team Lead


With the one-click deployment of Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection, the IT teams were able to instantly integrate the Perception Point solution into their existing Microsoft suite. Within a couple of minutes of integration, the IT and Security team started seeing all traffic from their users being scanned by the system. Even existing files that were being modified/edited were being scanned. This instant protection all happened with no need to install software, no user setting changes, and no loss of functionality. Whilst providing 100% dynamic scanning for files shared by remote workers, partners, and more ensuring threats don’t travel through cloud file-sharing services.


“The seamless integration and ease of use of the service made something we thought would be a long process, happen in one click,” says a senior member of the IT Integration team. As good as the integration was, the client of course also wanted to know that they were receiving the best level of detection possible. As the Cyberdefense Team Lead stated, “from starting the POC on live traffic, I quickly realized how easy it was for attackers to shift the same complex email-borne attack that we are used to seeing, into a simple OneDrive attack”.

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