Security Awareness
Training, Simplified

Strengthening Your Last Line of Defense

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity awareness training isn’t just a necessity; it’s a strategic imperative. Most cybersecurity awareness programs are designed to educate employees on how to recognize and avoid phishing, BEC, and other social engineering tactics. Yet despite organizations’ best efforts, employees continue to fall victim to these attacks.

Our security training program, integrated with our Advanced Email Security solution, aims to counter these attacks by focusing on employee behavior, specifically their emotional responses, rather than just relying on enhancing their knowledge through rational thinking.

security awareness training

Elevate Your Cybersecurity IQ with Engaging and Essential Training

Personalized Training

Leverage machine learning algorithms to seamlessly integrate best practices from behavioral psychology and marketing methods. The result is an automated cybersecurity training program tailored to the specific needs of each of your employees that reduces the likelihood of successful cyberattacks, data breaches, and other malicious activities.

Better Cyber Behavior

Pull from the actual threats targeting your organization, creating phishing simulations based on real-time interactions or past performance risk scores. These simulations evaluate your employees’ cybersecurity skills, provide exercises to practice the correct behavior, and automatically enroll them in additional training as necessary.

Up-to-Date Simulations

Simulations focus on a range of social engineering attacks, with templates updated automatically and regularly to keep you armed against the latest cyber threats.

Automation & Analytics

Enable employee segmentation, automated by cognitive computing and machine learning algorithms. Get in-depth analysis of every keystroke during employee training sessions and comprehensive insights into each employee’s journey towards behavioral change. Automatically enroll employees in extra training, as needed.

Transform Your Employees from the Last Line to an Active Line of Defense

End user reporting is included with security awareness training!

Integrated within your employees’ email interface, a simple button allows your employees to report any suspicious emails directly to our platform. With this new capability, your trained employees become part of your security stack, helping you to prevent the next attack.

Once an end user reports a suspicious email, our Incident Response team is alerted with all the relevant data to investigate the potential incident. In the case the email was deemed malicious, you will receive a detailed report and the system will automatically retrieve all similar emails from all relevant email boxes.

Put your security training into action with end user reporting! 

Security Awareness Training Brochure

Why Perception Point?

Efficiency simplified

1Advanced Simulations

Stay ahead with custom exercises, based on the real-life threats targeting your organization. 

stay ahead

2Efficiency, Automated

Optimize cybersecurity training processes with automation.

personalized training

3 Personalized Training

Equip each employee with the tools they need for increased cybersecurity training success.

stay ahead of the curve

4Stay Ahead of the Curve

Regular template updates keep your organization armed against the latest cyber threats.

game changing learning

5End-User Reporting

Let your users report any suspicious emails directly to our platform.

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