End-to-End Cyber Threat Detection

Take back control of your organization’s security. Now, you can detect and prevent all major cyber threats across all channels, in under 30 seconds — from one, central platform.


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perception point platform
perception point platform

One Platform. Seven Layers of Security.

Our multi-layered platform provides unprecedented cyber threat detection and prevention of APTs, phishing, malware, spam, BEC, ATO attacks, and more — delivered with the speed, scale, and flexibility of the cloud.



Spam Filter
(Email Only)

Receives the email and applies reputation and anti-spam filters to quickly flag an email as malicious.

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graphic of square



Unpacks the content into smaller units (files and URLs) in a recursive manner to identify hidden malicious attacks. All of the extracted hidden components go separately through to the next security layers.
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3Files & URLs

Threat Intelligence

Combines multiple threat intelligence sources with a unique internally developed engine that scans URLs and files in the wild to warn about potential or current attacks.
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4Files & URLs

Phishing Engines

Best-in-class URL reputation engines coupled with Perception Point’s in-house built image-recognition analysis engine identify impersonation techniques and phishing attacks.

5Files & URLs

Static Signatures

Combines best-in-class signature based anti-virus engines to identify malicious attacks. In addition, we’ve developed a tool that acts to identify highly complicated signatures.

6Text & Context


Prevents payload-less attacks that don’t necessarily include malicious files/URLs and intercepts account takeover attempts.

3Files & URLs

Threat Intelligence

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4Files & URLs

Static Signatures

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5Files & URLs

Phishing Engines

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7Files & URLs

First Hardware-Assisted Platform (HAP™)

Unique CPU-level technology acts earlier in the kill chain than any other solution. Blocking attacks at the exploit phase – pre-malware release – for true APT prevention.

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graphic of square

See our Advanced Threat Detection Platform in Action

See how Perception Point’s next-gen cyber threat detection platform can help you protect against any type of content-borne attack with 99.95% accuracy.

One Detection Platform for Any Cyber Threat

Protect against any content-based attack, including files, URLs, and plain texts. Deploy across channels, regardless to scale or traffic volume.

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& N-days

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ATO & Lateral Phishing

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search paper cyber threat


Unique Cyber Threat Detection Capabilities

Easy to Deploy
Easy to Use

No long manuals or complex
configurations needed.


Ultimate User Experience

Provides seamless experience for end-users with maximal efficiency and productivity.

Protection Against Any Attack Type

Outperforms all other solutions in accuracy and speed.


Unmatched Detection

Lowers dynamic threat analysis time from minutes into seconds – scanning 100% of content.

IR Service

Reduces SOC team resources by up to 75%, managing incidents and remediating threats.

in Action

One platform covers all threat types across email, web browsers and cloud collaboration apps.

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