Advanced Browser Security

Perception Point’s Advanced Browser  Security solution boosts the security of your organization’s native browsers with best-of-breed phishing/malware detection, data loss prevention controls, and improved browser governance/visibility. The solution leverages Perception Point’s award winning multi-layer detection engines to detect and stop the most evasive web/browser threats.



The solution is seamlessly activated via a browser extension that silently inspects browser activity and enforces security policies, both on managed and unmanaged devices. It was designed to be fully compatible with the top browsers (including Chrome, Edge, and Safari) and the entire enterprise ecosystem, without requiring any web traffic proxying, remote browsing, or manipulation of downloaded files. Users keep using their native local browsers to connect directly to the websites, web apps, and files they need for their work.

The Browser is a Top Attack Vector that is Insufficiently Protected

Digitization, hybrid work models, and a shift to SaaS and web-based applications have made the browser a prime target for attackers who use malicious websites and file downloads to breach organizations. Attackers increasingly deliver these attacks not just via business email, but now also through personal email, social networks, and non-mail web apps.


Advanced evasion techniques ensure that phishing and other malicious content only detonates in the real user’s browser, requiring security controls to be embedded in the browser.


Furthermore, organizations are also threatened by malicious insiders and 3rd parties that can easily extract data from web-based enterprise apps that lack the necessary security controls. Existing web security solutions are blind to user activity in the browser, such as copying, printing, and downloading sensitive content.


If you’re using secure web gateways (SWGs) for web security, to tunnel and inspect all web traffic, they do not provide full browser visibility, and are increasingly expensive and impractical – especially in the hybrid work era. SWGs also impact the user experience, by adding latency, and can falsely block users from getting their jobs done.


Other web security alternatives like VDI or RBI can dramatically increase cost, further degrade the experience and do not have native threat detection capabilities.


Enterprise Browsers, force your users to download and use customized browsers that lack compatibility with your Microsoft and Google ecosystems and also lack native best-of-breed threat detection capabilities.


With Perception Point Advanced Browser Security, you can now secure your native browser, without additional latency, while supporting full compatibility with the web and Microsoft/Google ecosystems. At the same time, you can significantly transform the security offered by your native browsers, including more accurate and earlier detection of malicious sites and files, DLP, and remediation of threats for both external and internal threat actors.

Organizations experience the same number of malicious incidents via browsers is equal to the number of threats against its email infrastructure. (Source: Osterman Research 2022)

Unmatched Protection & Prevention

Combines advanced detection of all web-based threats (including sophisticated phishing websites, malware, ransomware, and hidden file zero-days) URL filtering, data loss prevention controls, and a managed IR service protect against both external and insider threats.

Seamless User Experience

Users securely work with no added latency, with the same browsers that they already know – no need to switch to another browser or a new experience; websites and downloaded files remain unchanged while the extension protects the browser in the background.

Includes a Managed Service

Our managed incident response and support services alleviate the management overhead and fully support your SOC team, saving up to 75% of their resources.

Reduced cost

Lowers Costs

There are no cloud or data center compute costs and no need to tunnel or intercept browser traffic to enjoy full browser security.

Browser Security: Protect Access to Sensitive Apps

Browser Security: Protect Against Web-Based Threats

Advanced Threat Prevention:
One-Stop-Shop for
Detection and Remediation

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Multi-layered dynamic detection capabilities instantly block access to malicious/phishing websites and to malicious file downloads preventing ransomware and other advanced attacks.


When combined with Perception Point’s advanced email security, cloud-collaboration protection, and 24/7 managed Incident Response service, you can rest assured that you’re completely covered across all user-centric attack vectors and the evolving landscape of threats. 


Multiple static and dynamic detection engines have visibility into threats across the organization’s attack vectors and use this wide context to prevent and rapidly remediate attacks whether they start in the user’s browser, email, or any other collaboration/file storage app.


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