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Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security Solution is a next-gen email security software that prevents APTs, phishing, malware, ATO, impersonation, and BEC attacks with the speed, scale, and agility of the cloud.


Our Advanced Email Security solution outperforms any other enterprise email security solution on the market. 


Deploy it in just minutes without changing your existing infrastructure and you’ll see immediate value. 

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Advanced Email Security: Protection against all
email-borne threats

One email security solution protects your organization against APTs, phishing, malware, BEC, impersonation attacks, ATO and spam. Next-gen detection engines prevent malicious files, URLs, and social-engineering based techniques.


In addition to stopping the basic techniques, the solution is uniquely capable of preventing the most difficult to detect threats including:

of all cyber attacks starts
with an email.
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Targeted Phishing Attacks

In-house image recognition engine combined with best‑in‑class URL reputation engines prevents targeted email phishing attacks.

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Deeply Embedded Attacks

Deep scanning technology unpacks emails into smaller units so embedded files and URLs pass through all detection engines separately.

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Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Proprietary technology delivers unprecedented advanced threat visibility – blocking email based attacks at the exploits phase, pre-malware release to prevent Zero-day and N-day attacks.

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BEC, Impersonation and Payload-less Attacks

Prevention of payload-less attacks including email spoofing, look-alike domain, and display name deception.

Email Security FAQs

Email security is the practice of protecting your organization’s email accounts from cyber threats. You can improve your company’s email security posture by building best practices and using machine learning technologies to protect against malicious threats.

There are various types of email security including: Spam filter, anti-phishing, data encryption, sandboxing, secure email gateway (SEG), email data protection (EDP), and integrated cloud email security (ICES) to name a few.

There are many ways organizations can ensure effective email security including: backup critical files, educate employees, automate email encryption, and protect email accounts with sender authentication.

Email continues to be a significant attack vector for both malware and credential theft through phishing. An estimated 40% of ransomware attacks start through email.

A powerful and robust email security solution should provide protection against all email-borne threats. You should look for one email security platform that can safeguard your organization against various types of cyber attacks including: APTs, phishing, malware, BEC, impersonation attacks, ATO and spam. The ideal solution should also possess detection engines that can effectively prevent malicious files, URLs, and social-engineering from permeating your endpoints. 

Advanced Email Security that is Faster, More Cost‑effective and Easier to Deploy

Whether you need to consolidate the chaos of current cyber security solutions, reduce delays or save costs, Perception Point’s cloud native email security solutions can replace your increasingly ineffective AVs, CDRs, and sandboxes in a few minutes.

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Quick, easy, and seamless deployment with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, or any web-based email service. Conforms with any existing policy with no need to change MX Record.


In-line engines work in a matter of seconds, so users feel no impact on email receipt.


Highly reliable infrastructure for maximum uptime. Natively implemented fail-safes ensure consistent email delivery.


Threat intelligence team, formerly part of the Israeli Defense Forces, continuously analyzing and delivering insights on attempts to breach.

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