Attack Vectors

Account Takeover (ATO)

Account takeover (ATO) – whether the target is your business email or your company’s bank accounts – are on the rise. Sophisticated attackers understand that once they gain one of your employees’ credentials they can “land and expand,” causing unprecedented damage.

Perception Point’s solution enables complete protection for Account Takeover – preventing attackers from infiltrating the organization, detecting anomalies that could suggest an account has been compromised, stopping attackers from spreading malicious content onto other users, and providing incident management, remediation and reporting.

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The ATO Challenge

Today, once attackers get a foot in the door and obtain credentials for authenticated access to your mailbox or other cloud applications, they can do whatever they like – spread malware, deliver malicious links and even obtain personal data or exfiltrate funds. 

The complexity of an account takeover is that in most cases, there are no preliminary signs for the user. They don’t know their credentials have been compromised, their inbox looks the same, and there is no sign for suspicious behavior, until the day when the attacker decides to go ahead with their ATO-based attack, and it’s too late to stop the attack. 


The Account Takeover Kill Chain

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Step 1

Credential Theft

Intruder obtains legitimate log-in credentials of the targeted account via phishing, social
engineering, third-party breaches, or malware.

Step 2

Establish Control

The attacker establishes control of the account by implementing measures that will leave him unnoticed for the required period of time.

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Step 3

Reconnaissance and Weaponization

Intruder explores the account to understand how the compromised account can be exploited and look for an opportunity to strike.

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Step 4


The intruder will either deliver his attack via the compromised account or seek to expand in the organization, spreading files or URLs until another user takes the bait.

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Step 5


The intruder obtains confidential data or exfiltrate funds from wrongful actions of the compromised users.

Multi-Layered Approach Throughout the Kill Chain for Account Takeover Prevention

Perception Point’s different engines work together to intercept any account takeover attempt, at any stage, preventing, detecting, and remediating. Here’s how.

Stop Employee Credential Theft

Designated, unique engines work to prevent any attempt to phish credentials from each channel protected by Perception Point.

Monitor Anomalies for Compromised Accounts

Analyzing end user patterns and behaviors and executing context-based machine-learning algorithms to detect anomalies in user accounts that indicate a potential account takeover.

Stop Attackers from Landing and Expanding

Stopping attackers from spreading malicious content onto other users, in lateral phishing attempts.

Instantly Detect & Remediate Compromised Accounts

Incident management and reporting service streamlines the remediation & containment of every account takeover attempt. 

Our Advantages

Complete Advanced Threat Detection

Static and dynamic-based engines work together to prevent any type of external or lateral email threat, including malware, phishing, impersonation and unknown threats.


Providing ultimate detection without compromising on content functionality, allowing your employees to collaborate and create together safely.

Enhanced Line of Defense

Creating an additional obstacle in the way of sophisticated attackers from gaining financial benefits. Internal email scanning enhances your overall network protection as it identifies threats even if they passed the first lines of defense of other entry points.

Business‑supporting Speed

Scanning external and internal emails without causing critical delays to your ongoing operations, effectively encouraging users to share content is protected channels, such as email (vs. private apps for example), and providing your security full visibility and control.


Whether your employees share huge files or multiple URLs – Perception Point will scan it. Cloud-native approach allows the platform to support any amount of data, on every single moment.


Like our Advanced Email Security solution, the Advanced Internal Email Security product is deployed in one-click, creating zero fuss to you and your IT team.

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