Advanced Threat Prevention for Zendesk

In the digital-first world, organizations rely on Zendesk as a versatile platform for customer engagement and support

Zendesk’s multi-channel capability allows customers to reach out via various channels such as email, live chat, messaging, social media, and web forms.

This integration of channels like chatbots, email-to-ticket systems, and web forms makes Zendesk a comprehensive tool for customer interaction​​​​​​​​.

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The Limitations of Zendesk's Native Defenses

While Zendesk excels in facilitating customer communication and managing support tickets, its native defenses against cyber threats are limited.

Zendesk primarily relies on static file scanning and does not scan URLs embedded in messages and attachments. This gap in security is significant as threat actors often use URLs to distribute phishing links, exposing organizations to potential cyber attacks

Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for Zendesk addresses this critical vulnerability by offering dynamic scanning of every URL and file attachment in Zendesk channels.

Our solution ensures that no malicious content slips through the cracks, providing a level of security that native Zendesk defenses cannot match.

Protect Your Zendesk Environment from Cyber Threats

Zendesk serves as a central hub for customer interactions, making it a target for various cyber threats. Perception Point’s advanced security solution seamlessly integrates with Zendesk, safeguarding against sophisticated attacks including malware, phishing attempts, and more. Key features and benefits include:

advanced threat detection

Advanced Threat Detection

With multi-layered scanning technology, our solution detects and neutralizes threats in real-time, ensuring all interactions and attachments in Zendesk are safe.

Dynamic URL and File Scanning

Our unique technology dynamically scans every URL and file attachment, offering a level of protection that goes beyond Zendesk’s static file scanning capabilities.

seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate our solution with your existing Zendesk setup, maintaining workflow continuity and an intuitive user experience.

comprehensive protection

Comprehensive Protection

Protect against a wide array of attack vectors, ensuring your customer support channel remains a secure platform for communication.

rapid response

Rapid Response and Remediation

Respond instantly to detected threats, minimizing potential damage and keeping your Zendesk environment secure.

Why Choose Perception Point for Zendesk Security?

  1. Unmatched Detection Rates: Advanced technology ensures high accuracy in threat detection.
  2. Dynamic Scanning Capabilities: Scans every URL or file attachment dynamically, providing superior protection.
  3. Minimal Impact on Performance: Security without compromising Zendesk’s performance.
  4. User-Friendly Experience: Intuitive interface with robust security layers.
  5. Expert Support: Dedicated support team for any security-related concerns.

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