Advanced Threat Protection for Salesforce Security

Organizations rely on Salesforce to manage their relationships with external users such as customers and partners.

These users upload different types of content into the organization’s Salesforce environment on an ongoing basis, increasing the risk of a cyberattack.

Perception Point’s Salesforce Advanced Threat Protection solution rapidly and accurately detects and prevents all types of malicious content from breaching organizations through Salesforce for the optimal Salesforce security.

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Stop all malicious content from infiltrating your organization through Salesforce

Different Salesforce environments such as Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud allow external parties to interact and collaborate with your employees by chatting, opening up cases, completing web forms, and other means. Perception Point, unlike standard Anti-Virus solutions, deeply scans in real-time all content uploaded to Salesforce with a multi-layered patented platform that intercepts any threat type before it reaches the end user.

Dynamically scan 100% of content including embedded files and URLs uploaded Into Salesforce

Detect all types of malicious threats in real-time

Instantly respond and remediate threats

Unprecedented Protection Against Any
Content-Borne Attack, Complementing
Salesforce Native Security

Unmatched detection rates,
speed and scale

99.95% detection rate. 40x faster detection,

scanning at an average of 10 seconds

user experience

Removes malicious content without interfering

in Salesforce usage-flows

Managed Incident Response

Natively integrated incident response service acts

as a force multiplier to the SOC team

Created with

Deployed in minutes, natively integrated with Salesforce,

conforming to strict security policies

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Advanced Threat Detection for
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Learn how external parties can interact and collaborate with your employees through Salesforce and about your organization’s exposure to content-borne threat vectors coming in through Salesforce.

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Threat Protection Datasheet

Learn how to protect your organization from

threats coming in via Salesforce and also reduce SOC expenses by up to 75%.


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