Advanced Threat Protection for Web Apps & File Uploads

Sharing content and uploading files has long been a crucial part of doing business. Whether through commercial services or proprietary web apps, organizations use web portals, chat apps, and other collaboration tools to seamlessly connect with their customers, vendors, and any other external users.


By allowing external files and links to be uploaded to your business environment, such channels pose a severe security threat, as they provide an additional attack surface for malicious actors to target your company.


Traditional tools like single-AVs, sandbox engines, and CDRs may be a good fi­t for some use cases but are inherently limited and won’t be applicable to all business-flows.


Despite investing heavily in network and email security, most organizations often neglect to properly secure their web apps from malicious uploads, leaving a serious blindspot in their overall security posture.


Download the Advanced Threat Protection for Web Apps & File Uploads datasheet to learn more about:

  • How to intercept any threat while keeping business as usual
  • Why traditional detection is inadequate
  • How to secure any content-sharing flow
  • How to deploy in minute with any web app

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