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How to Conduct a Phishing Attack in a 5 Easy Steps

Phishing is cybercrime’s oldest threat and it continues to be one of the most trending attacks on individuals and organizations alike. In this blog post we discuss recent players on the cyberattack scene: script kiddies, and their methods that make phishing so easy, even for the inexperienced.

Operation Geometrix Do Brasil

This blog reviews the tactics and operations behind a Brazilian cyber threat group Perception Point researchers are calling "GeoMetrix."

An AI for an AI: LLM-based Detection of GPT-Generated BEC Attacks

Step into the new frontier of cyber threats, where GenAI has created a seismic shift, allowing adversaries to easily craft new social engineering attacks and outsmart traditional detection tools. In this blog we explore the AI-powered threat landscape and unveil Perception Point’s innovative defense against GenAI-based email attacks.