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paper stack phishing mail

Incident Report: Fax Attack

Learn how a fax attack tricks employees into click on a phishing link by leveraging known cybersecurity service, EFax.
edge of building cve-2017-0199

CVE-2017-0199 (Still) In The Wild

Learn how Perception Point’s advanced threat detection platform caught an advanced attack (CVE-2017-0199) delivered via a malicious document.
beach phishing technique

Incident Report: Trick or Treat

In this post we discuss a phishing technique that tricks users into thinking an image of the attached file can be opened in snapshot mode.

Incident Report: Hijacked Email Account

In this post we discuss how the main aspect of hijacking is using a legitimate user’s email account in order to deliver malware.

Incident Report: Excel Macro Puzzle Attack

We discuss how attackers use a legitimate user’s email account and macro code to deliver malware as the response to an existing email thread.