Advanced Email Security for Google Workspace

Enhance your workspace security and augment Gmail’s native defenses against advanced email threats.

Google Workspace Security

How Perception Point Protects Your Google Environment

Advanced Email Security is designed to prevent advanced, evasive and unknown attacks that bypass Google’s native defenses. It enhances Google Workspace (formerly G-suite) threat prevention capabilities with AI-driven, multi-layered detection and scale agnostic dynamic scanning.

Leveraging machine learning and human insight, Perception Point dynamically identifies and blocks phishing, BEC, malware, spam, zero-days and other evasive threats before they can reach your users’ inboxes.

Augment Google Threat Prevention

Detection that goes beyond typical indicators and threat intelligence to neutralize Business Email Compromise, Quishing and GenAI-based attacks, with proprietary LLM technology, image recognition and anti-evasion algorithms.

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Powered By AI. Empowered By People.

With an all-included Incident Response service, the solution ensures 24/7 peace of mind and SOC resource saving. 

We monitor emerging threats, fine-tune detection, manage false positives, and handle user requests, allowing your team to have more time to focus on other objectives.

Seamless Integration with Google Workspace

Designed with your workflow in mind, Perception Point integrates seamlessly into Google Workspace, intuitive to manage with ZERO changes to the infrastructure or disruption to the users’ productivity. 

Learn More About Advanced Threat
Prevention for Google Workspace


Learn about the main email security threats and trends and where the email security market is heading and the new threat of collaboration security 


Get an overview of the Email Security market to help you find the solution that best meets your needs against the pervasive and evolving nature of email-based threats.

Extend Your Defense Beyond Email: All-Around Protection for Chrome and Google Drive In A Single Platform

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In the modern workspace, malicious threat actors target almost every channel your employees use. Perception Point expands security beyond email, offering integrated, user-friendly security for Google Drive and Chrome web browsers. Our approach not only enhances communication security but also fortifies your entire Google Workspace environment.

Advanced Browser Security for Google Chrome

As the most used app in an organization, the browser also serves as a gateway to external attacks and malicious insiders. 

Perception Point’s Google Workspace security includes Advanced Browser Security, delivered via an easy to deploy extension to Chrome it provides browser-centric DLP (Data Loss Prevention), and governance capabilities, and advanced threat prevention that secures Chrome (and any Chromium-based browser) against data breaches, phishing attacks, and malicious downloads.

With the extension, every click in your enterprise browser is protected, ensuring a secure yet seamless browsing experience.

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Google Drive Protection

With Google Drive serving as a central hub for storing and sharing files internally and externally, it’s crucial to protect it against malware and abuse. 

Perception Point’s platform dynamically scans files including embedded links and files in near-real-time to prevent the sharing and storing of any malicious content.

The unique dynamic anti-evasion solution ensures that collaboration within your team remains secure, preserving the integrity of your resources and content-sharing.

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