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Prevent Quishing (QR Code Phishing) Attacks

Perception Point’s AI-powered Advanced Email Security solution prevents Quishing attacks; the latest sophisticated phishing technique that exploits QR codes to deceive users, harvest credentials and deliver malware.

These attacks target the modern enduser’s trust in QR codes, making them a significant threat to organizations.

qr code isometric
qr code isometric

Quishing Attacks, Deceptively Simple & Highly Effective

Quishing attacks, or QR code phishing, exploit the widespread use of QR codes. They lure users into scanning a malicious QR code delivered by email, redirecting them to harmful websites aiming to steal credentials, financial information, or deploy malware. The deceptive simplicity of these attacks allows them to bypass most email security systems.

With the rise of QR codes for day to day purposes, users have developed a conditioned trust, making them vulnerable to these attacks. Threat actors capitalize on this trust, launching campaigns that exploit human behavior and social engineering techniques. 

According to recent reports, Quishing attacks have seen a dramatic surge, targeting organizations of all sizes and successfully breaching their defenses.

Quishing Types

Email QR Code

Embedded QR Code
in Emails

The attacker embeds a malicious QR code within the email body, often impersonating trusted brands like Microsoft, to lure targets into scanning it.

Attachment QR Code

QR Code
in Attachments

The attacker hides the malicious QR code inside an email attachment, like Word or PDF file, using social engineering techniques to motivate the target to scan it.

Malicious QR Code
on Physical Items

Attackers place malicious QR codes on physical items, like posters, stickers  or business cards, exploiting offline avenues to launch their attacks.

A Definitive Solution to Eliminate Quishing Attacks

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security includes the first-to-market anti-Quishing solution that leverages proprietary ML algorithms and AI models to prevent all types of QR code phishing attacks delivered within an email or in an email attachment.

Real-time image recognition models identify and scan QR codes, extracting links and following them to dynamically scan for phishing or malware delivery attempts.

How Perception Point Prevents QR Code Phishing

Real-time Image Recognition

Identifies and extracts all QR codes from the email body, embedded images, and file attachments.

Anti-Evasion - Recursive Unpacker

Dynamically follows and scans the URLs embedded within the QR codes, unpacking content to undo evasion and identify hidden malicious payloads.

AI Detection Models

Including Two-Step Phishing, GenAI Decoder™, Brand Spoofing Recognition, Domain Lookalike, and more.

Robust Anti-Malware

Patented CPU-level sandboxing technology that deterministically blocks attacks in seconds at the exploit phase pre-malware release/execution.

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