Enterprise Communication Protection

Unique, next-gen solution delivers advanced threat protection across all enterprise communication platforms while maintaining the user experience required by the modern work environment. Easily deployed, our cloud-based solution ensures no malicious URL or file is being shared, offering the same level of security expected only in email for optimal enterprise communication protection.

Enterprise Communication: New Platforms, Same Dangerous Threats

As enterprises move to newer communications platforms, attackers follow the trend. Instant messaging apps like Slack, Teams, and Hangouts, have the same features as email – they are used with external parties and they are perfect for sharing documents and links – but they are left unprotected. Unaware and sometimes uneducated users think these channels are safe, leaving new channels for attackers to exploit.
of security leaders believe enterprise communication apps are vulnerable to attack
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Insider Threats

A malicious attack via instant messaging can come from within the organization. For example, an unhappy employee who sends a malicious file to the company’s financial or legal departments.
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Public Channels

An external party interacts with one of your employees via public channels – for example, open channel about sport events, music or other shared interests.

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Unmanaged 3rd Parties

A malicious file or URL can come from an external source such as a customer or partner. For example, a supplier may (unknowingly) send a malicious file with a shared folder used to transfer files on an ongoing basis.

Secure your Enterprise Communication Apps

Content-based attacks are spreading across more and more channels, and enterprise communication (sometimes referred as “the email killers”) apps are among the best used tools. However, although considered innovative and modern, they are fertile ground for content-based attacks.


Perception Point provides the right solution specifically for this type of threat. Unlike services that monitor the access to the shared data (e.g. CASB), we scan the data itself to enable your employees to work freely and safely.

holistic THREAT prevention
Static and dynamic-based engines work together to prevent any type of internal or lateral message threat.

Scanning content without causing any delays to ongoing operations, keeping the same level of functionality expected from enterprise communication apps.


Allowing you to extend your current policies from your email domains to other enterprise communication apps. Capabilities include: file blocking, opening archived files for inspection, and incident management.


Creating an additional obstacle in the way of sophisticated attackers from gaining financial benefits, improving the organization’s overall network protection.

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