Case Study

How an Insurtech Protects their Amazon S3 Buckets with Perception Point.

In a world where business is moving fast, and cyberattacks are evolving even faster, it’s time for next-gen security that can keep up with the speed and scale of your business. It’s time for real prevention security.

At a Glance

The Company

A global Insurtech serving small businesses


Fast-growing Insurtech company rapidly deploying new digital services has no visibility into the growing number of files uploaded to their Amazon S3 Buckets from third parties.

Perception Point Solutions

Combination of Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for S3 Buckets and Incident Response Services

Integrating Perception Point’s Software into their AWS S3 Bucket flows.


Zero incidents of malicious activity.


  • Zero visibility into the documents
  • Fast-growing Insurtech company rapidly deploying new real-time digital services
  • No ability to scan
  • Experiencing a high increase in the number of files uploaded by customers without advanced scanning
  • Dependency on access to secure data in real-time, without delays to serve online customers

About the customer. 

The customer is an online-based insurance company that serves over 100,000 business owners. The company’s services feature claims investigation as soon as possible, with many being decided within 48 hours that helps its clients to get transparency. They use technology to eliminate agents and other expensive extras and give prices that are incredibly affordable. The company also offers policies to a range of small businesses from general contractors to personal trainers.

Check out how we helped an Insurtech ensure that every file saved in their S3 Bucket is safe before downloading it.



Combination of Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for Amazon S3 Buckets and Incident Response Services 

Results (First 3 months)

Since using Perception Point, An Insurtech has received zero incidents.

  • Total files & URLs scanned: 88k (42k were  discovered by the anti-evasion layer)
  • Avg. scan time including dynamic scanning: 9.4 seconds
  • Zero false positives
  • Zero malicious incidents

File Breakdown:

  • Adobe files: 94%
  • Images: 4%
  • Office files: 0.5%
  • Music & Videos: 0.3%
  • Executables: 0.1%
  • Other:  0.1%


The need to communicate and collaborate on a global level has created a proliferation of cloud-based tools for businesses, with S3 bucket being a key service used by enterprises. But with new channels come new security blind spots that hackers are just waiting to exploit. Make sure to protect your S3 buckets today.

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