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Fast interception of any content-based attack across all collaboration channels including email, cloud storage, CRM apps, and messaging platforms. We prevent phishing, BEC, spam, malware, Zero-days, and N-days well before it reaches your end-users.


360-degree service.
Lightning fast. Scale agnostic.
Zero overhead.

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Prevention-based Security
All Channels

Today’s enterprises can’t afford to be held back by slow, complex, outdated security solutions. In a world where business is moving fast, and cyberattacks are evolving even faster, it’s time for next-gen security. It’s time for real prevention security.

1Any Threat

Holistic Threat Prevention

Replace your complex existing security stack – including AVs, sandboxes, and CDRs – with one solution against APTs, phishing, malware, BEC, impersonation attacks, and spam.
7 layers of next-gen static and dynamic engines prevent malicious files, URLs, and social-engineering based techniques.

2Any Channel

Multi-channel Coverage

Protect email, cloud storage, CRM, instant messaging apps, or any cloud application with one solution, viewed from one intuitive dashboard. Add new channels in one-click to provide threat detection coverage across all apps.

3Easy Management

Plug & Play Deployment.
SOC Multiplier

Deployed within minutes, with zero fuss to your IT team. Confirms with any existing policies and SIEMs. No need to change MX record nor existing processes. Designed to optimize your SOC team’s performance, eliminating false negatives and reducing false positive to bare minimum.

4state of the art

Agile, Fast & Responsive

Lightening fast scan speeds ensure no delays in receipt, regardless to scale and traffic volume. Cloud-based architecture shortens development and deployment cycles as new cyber-attacks techniques emerge, ensuring you’re at least one step ahead of attackers.

Perception Point featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security

Perception Point has been ranked #1 by
SE Labs’ independent Email Security Services Protection report

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Listen to this short podcast to learn about content-based threats, the potential cyber threats of collaboration tools, and how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the current threat landscape. At the end of this session, you can also learn how Perception Point solves these issues and how we’re bringing PREVENTION is back.
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