Case Study

Enhancing Microsoft Email Security to Prevent Advanced Phishing & BEC Attacks

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365 helps a global food distributor achieve seamless and comprehensive protection against advanced email-borne attacks including phishing and BEC

At a Glance

The Company

The customer is a rapidly growing importer and distributor of meats and food products in the Nordics. As a subsidiary of one of the largest food producers in the region, they serve over 100 countries worldwide. 


The customer needed a robust email security solution to counter a surge in phishing attacks that were evading their existing security stack. They also wanted to reduce the IT team’s workload and ensure continuous incident management. 

Perception Point Solutions

Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365


Over a 3 month period, with Perception Point running on top of Microsoft EOP, 20,000 malicious emails were detected. The breakdown by attack type can be seen below: 

nordics case study chart


The customer’s security team was tasked with strengthening their security posture after multiple supply chain partners experienced successful ransomware attacks.

With 90% of their communications conducted via email, they were concerned about becoming the next victim of a phishing attempt, as ransomware is often delivered through phishing emails.

They had noticed a surge in phishing attempts that included malicious files, URLs, embedded images and quishing (QR code quishing), which managed to evade their native email security.

Additionally, with phishing attacks becoming more sophisticated, employees struggled to identify and report suspicious emails.

“Perception Point has completely lifted the burden off our shoulders. We no longer worry about email security. For any organization relying heavily on email, a solution like Perception Point is essential. I was impressed by Perception Point’s multiple layers of security, which dynamically scans every email, URL, file, image, and QR code, which other providers are not able to do. Perception Point provides stress-free comprehensive protection, combining extremely advanced detection with an all-included incident response service that analyzes all incidents and manages the platform.”

Head of Information Technology


The customer had known about Perception Point through industry peer recommendation.

After  rigorous customized testing and a successful POC, they selected Perception Point Advanced Email Security.

The entire POC, deployment and onboarding took two weeks.

The customer did not need to reconfigure any of their infrastructure.

Throughout every phase of the deployment, it was evident that Perception Point consistently blocked nearly all phishing attempts with remarkable efficiency.


Perception Point successfully prevents advanced phishing and BEC attacks that previously evaded Microsoft EOP.

Employees who were frequently targeted by these phishing attempts, including the CFO, report feeling no longer worried about falling victim to such attacks.

With Perception Point’s 24/7 incident response service, the customer’s IT department no longer needs to regularly vet suspicious emails, significantly reducing overhead and resource expenditure.

The Head of IT reviews blocked threats on X-Ray, Perception Point’s Centralized Viewer and Management Platform, once a week, with minimal need to interact with the Incident Response Team.

The customer plans to deploy Perception Point Advanced Browser Security and SaaS App Security once they complete the transition of their entire infrastructure to the cloud.

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