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Internal Emails Security | Perception Point

Deploy next-gen technology that delivers the best protection against any type of intradomain threats – files, URLs, and text-based attacks within your internal emails.


An AI-powered internal email security platform, coupled with ultrafast algorithms, ensure threat prevention in real-time with near-zero delay in email traffic. No scale limits, no impact on user experience.

Until today, scanning emails were somewhat problematic due to significant delays in email delivery or damaging the links or files. Perception Point’s technology solved these problems. Read below how.

Internal Emails Security | Perception Point

The Internal Email Security Challenge

Protecting against emails from only external sources is simply not enough. The rapid increase in account takeover attacks and the growing sophistication of attackers pose a new threat that comes from within the organization, threatening the entire organization, and not just one specific end-user.

Once an attacker is inside, they can do almost anything – spread malware through the organization, encourage employees to give away credentials via phishing links, or even directly target the financial department to wire transfer money.

of organizations scan their intradomain email traffic for advanced threats
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Lateral Phishing

Intruder sends phishing emails to peers, thus gaining access to many new log-in credentials that can be used by the intruder or others.

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Channel Hopping

Deep scanning technology unpacks emails into smaller units so embedded files and URLs pass through all detection engines separately.

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Account Takeover

Intruder obtains legitimate log-in credentials of a targeted user and leverage them to spread malicious email to other users in the organization.

Perception Point featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security

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Perception Point has been ranked #1 by
SE Labs’ independent Email Security Services Protection report

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Complete your Security with Advanced Internal Email Security

It’s now clear that preventing only external email-borne attacks is simply not enough. Internal security must be enhanced by deploying advanced solutions that prevent any type of intradomain threats.


Our layered solution combines multiple engines that work together to intercept spam, phishing, malware, BEC-based or highly advanced attacks, without compromising on end user experience.

holistic threat prevention

Static and dynamic-based engines work together to prevent any type of internal or lateral email threat.


Providing ultimate detection without compromising on content functionality, allowing your employees to collaborate and create together safely.


Creating an additional obstacle in the way of sophisticated attackers from gaining financial benefits, improving the organization’s overall network protection.


Scanning emails without causing delays to ongoing operations, effectively encouraging users to share content in protected channels, while ensuring full visibility and control.

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