Case Study

Global Financial Services Firm Replaces Proofpoint

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security helped to improve protection against sophisticated phishing and social engineering attacks.

At a Glance

The Company

The customer is a prominent financial firm providing comprehensive investment banking and wealth management services globally. Based in North America, with over 2500 employees, they handle customers’ sensitive information dealing with millions of financial transactions, requiring robust cybersecurity measures.


The customer faced challenges with preventing phishing attacks from reaching their users. Despite investing in security awareness training, the security leadership was concerned about phishing emails that were successfully bypassing their Proofpoint deployment.

Perception Point Solutions

Advanced Email Security 


The customer saw immediate and consistent value after deploying Perception Point. In 12 weeks, 42K malicious events were detected (not including spam).


The customer’s previous security solutions, Proofpoint and Microsoft EOP, were both inconsistent and difficult to manage.

For instance, the same attack could get through defenses that were previously blocked only a day or two beforehand.

On top of that, Microsoft EOP’s filtering was blocking legitimate emails from going through, impacting critical business communications with the customer’s clients and vendors.

Both solutions were cumbersome and not easily customizable for the customer’s needs.

And with both solutions, the users were still receiving an alarming amount of phishing attacks that managed to evade defenses.

Therefore, they needed an advanced email security solution that was easy to manage, eliminated false positives and, most importantly, prevented phishing emails before they reached the inbox.

“Perception Point stands out for its transparency, which allows the excellence of both their innovative technology and managed incident response to shine through. In the competitive field of email security, Perception Point has both the momentum and the track record to lead the way for many companies. The solution simultaneously delivered advanced protection against phishing, BEC, social engineering, malware and happier, more productive employees. Their outstanding execution is, frankly, miraculous, and that's why we chose Perception Point.”

Sr. Manager, Enterprise Security

Solution & Results

The customer consulted with a leading technological research and consulting firm which recommended Perception Point.

The Advanced Email Security Solution combines AI-powered multi-layered detection with an all-included 24/7 incident management service, making it an excellent candidate for a modern email security solution to replace Proofpoint.

Perception Point offered higher detection accuracy, easier configuration and ongoing management, as well as an IR service to offload resources from the customer’s SOC team.

During a 3-month period, Perception Point identified over 42K malicious events. 

  • Phishing/BEC Prevention: Phishing accounted for 77% of the malicious emails. 22% were BEC/Social Engineering attacks.
  • Operational Efficiency: The integration of KnowBe4’s Phish Alert end-user reporting button allowed the employees to continue reporting possible phishing emails to the customer’s SOC team. After deploying Perception Point, there was a 51% reduction in cybersecurity tickets which significantly lowered the cybersecurity team’s workload.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees experienced fewer interruptions and received emails without delays, enhancing their productivity and satisfaction.
financial firm case study


It became overwhelmingly clear that replacing Proofpoint with Perception Point was the right decision in a matter of weeks.

The customer saw its email security drastically enhanced, with even the most advanced phishing threats detected before they reached the user’s inbox, a significant reduction in tickets for the IT security team to handle, and overall improved operational efficiency across the board.

As a financial services firm, protecting sensitive and confidential data is paramount.

With Perception Point Advanced Email Security, the customer can now rest assured that their critical data remains protected while reducing SOC resources.

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