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Perception Point offers 

On top of providing the best detection rates on the market, we are committed to act as your trusted advisor, helping security experts and IT managers to better intercept, analyze, and understand any attack.

No long admin guides. No integration downtime. No fuss.

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Our Services

Our 360-degree framework is comprised of a complete stack of added-value services, covering the everyday needs of the modern SOC, IT, and security teams.

Incident Response

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The X-Ray

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End-user Reporting

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Auto-deployment & Updates

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24/7 Support

Incident Response

Machine learning, automation, and cyber experts act as your SOC Multiplier

Your security team faces a growing amount of challenges. Between monitoring content traffic, analyzing incidents, managing false positives, interacting with end users, and learning about new attack trends, your team is bound to face burnout. Perception Point’s Managed Incident Response Service is here to solve these problems for you.

Combining machine learning capabilities, autonomous LLM models, and close interaction with our human cyber experts, we make sure every incident is analyzed, creating a safe content-sharing environment.

Identify and Reduce
Cyber Risk

Ongoing review and analysis of all incidents flagged by Perception Point’s solutions. Identifying new phishing, BEC, and other content attack patterns and real-time response to block active campaigns against any organization at any time.

Autonomous Detection with
GPThreat Hunter™

GPThreat Hunter™, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, revolutionizes our incident response service by autonomously resolving ambiguous cases, significantly speeding up detection and remediation. This integration ensures rapid evolution against workspace cyber threats, fusing AI precision with human expertise for superior workspace protection.

“Phone a Friend”

Your team deals with overwhelming types of threats from different channels. With a unique “Request Investigation” capability, your experts gain unprecedented access to our cybersecurity analysts who will help your security team protect your organization with just a click of a button. Imagine a full professional report for any of your requests.

Business Streamlining
(the “Where is My Email?!” issue)

Instead of spending hours searching for important data and releasing it from quarantine, your team can count on us. Our Incident Response tools and supporting team review all suspicious content and releases the incidents that are actually safe, before your users even notice. The result: virtually ZERO false positives.

Our Advantages

Machine Learning

Detection algorithms are continuously being updated based on the specific content and traffic of each customer, providing optimal threat detection coverage.

System Health Check

Automated and human analysis of the protected channel’s configuration, including a review of key existing email rules, policies, and procedures.


A highly experienced team working to educate and train your SOC experts on new attack methods as well as on how to use the system to analyze all files and links being shared in the organization.

Elevating Incident Response with GPThreat Hunter™

Integrating GPThreat Hunter™ into our managed incident response service sets new standards in threat detection and remediation, offering autonomous precision that significantly cuts down response times and empowers our experts to focus on complex investigations.

This innovative tool, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, continuously learns from each interaction, enhancing its detection capabilities and ensuring our services evolve to meet the challenges of the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

GPThreat Hunter™ fuses the best of human expertise with cutting-edge genAI, delivering unmatched prevention and personalized attention to secure your workspace against emerging threats.

The X-Ray

The ultimate SOC operations tool

Personalized “viewer” helps security and IT experts to see, understand, and manage each and every incident in the most detailed way.
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See most targeted software, URL & file classifications, most targeted users, and more. Understand full attack paths and, why content was marked malicious or clean.
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Encountered a new file or URL from other channels not protected by Perception Point? No worries – simply upload any suspicious content piece, from any software, and get an immediate analysis. Literally drag and drop.

Manage Policies and Rules

Simple, easy-to-use widgets help you implement, manage, and update new policies. Imagine a full set of rules all in one place.
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Conduct Forensics

Determine the scope and scale of an attempted attack. Identify current threats and prioritize response efforts.

See the X-Ray
in Action

Check out this demo of our X-Ray and see why major enterprises use Perception Point’s Advanced Security to protect their content-exchanges.


Customized reports within a click

Unique interface enables any type of user – CISO, IT Manger, Email Manager, Security Analyst – to control the level of depth of interaction with our system. Strong filtering and search capabilities enable to export any requested data, allowing you to analyze it in your preferred application.

Perception Point offers various types of reports:

IR reports

Ad-hoc incident reports on unique incidents, daily digests for VIP clients, and weekly/monthly reports on attack trends.

Customized reports in just a click

Exporting any set of data from the hundreds of data points collected automatically by the system, at your discretion.

Scheduled concierge reports

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, including aggregated summaries of all activities and trends based on real life data.

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End-User Reporting

Transforming your employees to an active line of defense

Integrated within your employees’ email interface, a simple button allows your employees to report any suspicious emails directly to our platform. With this capability, your employees become part of your security stack, helping you to prevent the next attack.

Once an end user reports a suspicious email, our Incident Response team is alerted with all the relevant data to investigate the potential incident. In the event that the email is deemed malicious, you will receive a detailed report and the system will automatically retrieve all similar emails from all relevant email inboxes.

More Services

& Updates

Cloud-native platform ensures maximum availability and efficiency.

24/7 Support

We don’t take our customers for granted. This is why we are there for you all day, every day.

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