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Extending Detection & Response Beyond the Endpoint
Across All Threat Vectors

Organizations are struggling to have clear visibility into infiltrated attacks across the enterprise’s different channels. SOC teams are overwhelmed and cannot manage the vast amount of incidents. Containment and remediation across the organization is cumbersome, tedious and timely – creating significant challenges for IT and Security leaders.

Simplify & consolidate Threat Prevention to Stop attacks with Perception Point and SentinelOne

The integration of Perception Point with SentinelOne’s autonomous malware detection and response extends endpoint detection to cloud channels protected by Perception Point, identifying other instances of the malicious content found on the endpoint and instantly remediating them.



SentinelOne & Perception Point Deliver

security posture

Unparalleled security posture

Improving threat intelligence and attack catch rate


Full visibility

Infiltrated attack visibility across different channels

Incident containment within seconds

Rapid quarantine of the malicious content

boosted triage

Boosted triage

Powered by a managed, free-of-charge, Incident Response service

workload reduction

Reduction of workload

Save SOC resources by up to 75%

How It Works

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  1. SentinelOne’s console autonomously detects a malicious file on the endpoint and sends its hash to Perception Point’s X-Ray console.
  2. Perception Point automatically searches for the file hash in all content-exchange channels, including email, cloud storage and other cloud collaboration apps.
  3. Perception Point’s Incident Response team quarantines the file from additional channels where it was found.
  4. Each action taken by Perception Point is annotated in the SentinelOne platform.
  5. Within minutes, the customer’s SOC team will receive a full channel audit.

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Partnering with Perception Point brings together leading detection and response capabilities to address threats across endpoint, email, cloud and collaboration attack surfaces.

Ruby Sharma, Head of Technology Ecosystem, SentinelOne

Streamline threat prevention with SentinelOne & Perception Point

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