X-Ray + Falcon
360-degree Threat Remediation.

Our X-Ray deployed on top of the CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection delivers the fastest and most comprehensive incident containment on the market. Transform your threat remediation today.

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For Falcon clients, the X-Ray is a game changer in preventing the spread of advanced attacks across content-sharing channels, post endpoint detection.

CrowdStrike VP Product

One point of failure – an infinite number of ways to damage the organization. Stop the attack at its source, in no time.

Vast damage can be caused by even one successful attempt and in today’s multi-channel world, it’s nearly impossible to manually quarantine every attack before it spreads.


X-Ray + Falcon ends the cat and mouse game.

With a seamless integration between the two, the instant Falcon detects an incident on the endpoint, the X-Ray scans all content-exchange channels (email, CRM, cloud storage, etc.) to identify where else the incident spread, which users have been affected and prevent further transmission.

How it works

Seamless integration between the two systems ensures ultra-efficient containment time.

Proofpoint, like many other email security vendors, is based on outdated technologies, such as Sandboxing. See below how our unique technology and built-in agility enable us to outmatch Proofpoint in all aspects.

  1. Falcon sends hashes of malicious files discovered at the endpoint to the X-RAY.
  2. The X-RAY will automatically scan all organizational content-exchange channels to map the extent of the breach across users.
  3. Within minutes, the SOC team will receive a full channel audit.
  4. The X-RAY will actively remediate and contain the incident to prevent further spread.

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Lightning Fast Containment. 360-degree Coverage.

100% Automated

Automated incident containment and remediation across all users and channels.

Max Speed & Scale

Lightning speed scans and unlimited scale ensures the full collaboration network is fully analyzed. No path is left unscanned.


Source-agnostic, the X-Ray can analyze and contain the threat regardless of where it originated.

Deploys in Minutes

Deployed on the cloud, integrates with Falcon in minutes, with zero fuss to the IT team.

Full Threat Coverage

Contain every type of technique including Zero-days, N-days, BEC, phishing, spam, malware, and evasion.

Expert Insights

Access to experienced cybersecurity personnel that provides in-depth post-breach analysis.


Ready to enhance Falcon with
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