Our Mission

Fast prevention of any content-borne attack across all collaboration channels.

360-degree service.
Zero overhead.


Digital transformation requires security transformation.

With trillions of dollars expected to be spent by enterprises across the globe, Digital Transformation, or becoming a “digital-first” enterprise, is more than just a buzz word. It’s truly the “fourth industrial revolution”. More and more enterprises understand that they have to shift the way the conduct business by focusing more on digitization of interactions and processes to become primarily digitized and data-driven.


Unfortunately, this new shift comes with a hefty price – a significant exposure to cyber-attacks and breaches, causing a devastating impact on brands, businesses and their customers. Interactions with external stakeholders, adoption of cloud-based technologies, and increased dependency on content have resulted in better productivity, but also with a fertile ground for content-based attacks.


Legacy security solutions are bound to fail when facing the modern threat landscape for the following reasons:

Inability to provide holistic security across channels, access points,
or platforms
Reliant on outdated detection technologies (e.g. Sandboxing, CDR) that are
easily evaded
Unable to scan 100% of traffic due to speed and
scale limitations
Expensive and costly to deploy and maintain

Cannot be updated regularly and reliant on long updating cycles

Requires extensive training efforts and IT expertise


These limitations are a serious threat not only to the modern enterprise itself, but to all stakeholders associated with it.

Who are we?

Prevention-as-a-Service Providers. Digital Transformation Enablers.

Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service company, built to enable digital transformation. Trusted by global enterprises, our Gartner-recognized, revolutionary platform offers a 360-degree protection against any type of content-based attacks, across all collaboration channels, in one simple solution. Built by and for IT and security experts, our service is incredibly easy to deploy, maintain and update according to the newest attack techniques.

Our Pillars

Next-gen Detection

7 layers of next-gen static and dynamic engines work together to prevent any content-based attacks.


Techniques covered: Zero‑days, N-days, BEC, phishing, spam, malware,

and evasion.

& Scale

Unique technology enables us to scan dynamically 100% of traffic, regardless to size or volume. No shortcuts. No filtering.


Pure enablers of digital transformation.

& Play

Deployed within minutes, with zero fuss to your IT team. Confirms with any existing policies and SIEMs.


No long integration guides, no changes to current infrastructure.

Incident Response

Direct access to cyber security and email experts who serve as your extended SOC team.


Providing ongoing reporting, deep dive analyses, and

24/7 support.

Our Know-how

We are a team of cyber-intelligence professionals and business leaders with offices in the US and Israel. We are passionate about cybersecurity, business operations, and the connection between the two.
We enjoy ruining the attackers’ day, every day.


R&D leadership from the elite Israeli Intelligence Corps and global cyber security firms.


Processing millions of data points daily to identify the most commonly used attack techniques.


Solutions built on a cloud platform for maximum speed, innovation, flexibility and ease of deployment.


Experienced in meeting the scale, compliance and service requirements of enterprises.

The Company

Our Leadership.

photo of yoram best email security

Yoram Salinger

Chief Executive Officer

Formerly Redbend CEO, acquired by Harman. 20+ years leading global high-tech companies.

Shlomi Levin

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Formerly Senior Technology Leader at Cyvera, acquired by Palo Alto Networks, as well as Trusteer, acquired by IBM. Officer & Research Squad Leader in classified elite cyber unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Michael Aminov

Founder, Chief Architect

Formerly Chief Architect of CyActive, acquired by PayPal. Officer in classified elite cyber unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps. Awarded Israeli National Security Award.

Eyal Drami

Chief Finance & Operating Officer

Formerly VP Operations at Redbend, acquired by Harman. 20+ years experience in finance and operations for global high-tech companies.

Benny Reich

VP product

Over 15 years’ experience in product management leadership in various startups in cellular, industrial maintenance, automotive, cyber and other markets.

Lior Dolphin

VP Sales

Over 15 years’ experience in global marketing & strategy. Led innovation and branding for Fortune 500 to start-ups across high-tech, banking, retail, beauty, and aviation.


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