Case Study

Bolstering Security for Zendesk

Perception Point provides the perfect solution for a customer looking to secure their Zendesk with Advanced Threat Protection.

At a Glance

The Company

Agoda, international hospitality company with over 7,000 employees worldwide.


Agoda uses Zendesk, a customer service software & sales CRM, to process all of their customer requests. When faced with an increasingly volatile cybersecurity landscape, Agoda needed an integrated solution to more effectively handle malware attacks, while at the same time being able to dynamically scan up to 10k files and URLs daily, without delaying overall customer service operations and response time.

Perception Point Solutions

Perception Point Threat Protection for Zendesk


Over a 3-month period, Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for Zendesk has:
  • Scanned over 385,000 root files 
  • Scanned ~69,000embedded files & URLs, ensuring no malicious content was concealed
  • Identified and prevented 187 malicious events 
  • Scanned all traffic at an average of 7.1 seconds with 75% of content scanned in 3 seconds


Agoda has been working with Perception Point for three years, leveraging Advanced Email Security to protect users against all email-based threats, alleviate their SOC team’s workload, and scan ~100,000 emails per day. For email, Agoda needed to be able to dynamically scan encrypted and ZIP files, all in a matter of seconds. When it came time to seek a reliable solution for Zendesk, Perception Point’s Threat Protection for Zendesk was the natural choice, especially since the same advanced threat prevention platform already successfully supported their email. 

“Perception Point has been instrumental in strengthening and fortifying both our organization, and our Zendesk systems. Securing Zendesk is critical to the success of our customer relationships. Beyond future proofing against potential threats, Perception Point also allows our SOC team to focus on other important security areas, such as monitoring, testing, and analyzing our overall security posture. This combination of innovative technology and reliable client servicing has provided us with the confidence to operate with zero to little friction.”

Guy Fridman, Head Of Security Operation And Response, Agoda


Perception Point Threat Protection for Zendesk routes all files and URLs from Agoda’s Zendesk platform to Perception Point. Perception Point’s advanced threat detection dynamically scans all files including embedded files and URLs, determining a verdict in an average of just 10 seconds, and releasing the requests accordingly. Using a single SaaS solution for both email and Zendesk security with an all-included managed Incident Response service, lowers management overhead, allows for shared threat intelligence, and reduces the required SOC resources needed to efficiently handle incidents. After the implementation of Perception Point in the Email, the Client performed a complete perimeter reconnaissance and mapped out all entry points into the company that Files & URL’s can enter through. They quickly discovered many different vectors that were unprotected, such as their Google Drive and several in-house built applications. Due to the ease of deployment and integration, in one click per channel, the Client was able to instantly scan all traffic and dynamically detect all Files & URL’s entering the company, no matter what entry point. Perception Point deployed their Advanced Email Protection, Advanced Cloud Storage Protection, and the use of their API allowed for Advanced Protection of several internal applications.


Since using Advanced Threat Protection for Zendesk, Agoda’s SOC team no longer has to worry about new threat actors. They know and trust that Perception Point quickly identifies and deals with any new or potential threats. This allows their SOC team to focus on other important areas in the organization’s security posture. Supported by the same platform and Incident Response team that they already value, Agoda and their security team can sleep well at night, knowing that their email and Zendesk channels are protected from all threat types.

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