Case Study

Securing OneDrive & SharePoint

A Fortune 50 enterprise moved to remote working and became heavily reliant on cloud storage platforms. Perception Point was chosen, after a long POC and RFI process to secure these apps, protecting over 100,000+ employees worldwide.

At a Glance

The Company

A Fortune 50 Consumer Goods enterprise with over 100,000+ employees worldwide


As the majority of workers became remote, the customer relied more heavily on cloud collaboration and storage for communication and work processes between employees and external stakeholders. A threat detection solution for securing OneDrive and SharePoint was necessary with the increased usage and rise in attacks leveraging these applications.

Perception Point Solutions

Perception Point’s Advanced Cloud Storage Protection for OneDrive and SharePoint


  • After a couple of weeks of testing, Perception Point identified multiple malicious files being stored on client drives.
  • During the POC, the customer has received a thorough analysis of two highly dangerous malware which were auto-synced from an endpoint to the company’s OneDrive.
  • The client decided to deploy Perception Point to secure all OneDrive and SharePoint sites at the company for 100,000+ employees


“We had strategically invested in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint but knew we needed a solution to protect us on these channels if we wanted to use them properly. Then, with the drastic increase of remote workers due to the coronavirus pandemic, we knew we would leverage OneDrive and SharePoint even more than before so we needed to act quickly to secure it.” Director, Information Security

In order to choose the right vendor, the customer has published an RFI, asking leading vendors to pitch their ideas on how to secure its cloud storage platforms. Following the RFI, the client launched a POC on selected users on OneDrive and several SharePoint sites. In the POC Perception Point was required to show value in both identifying malicious files and alerting on high-risk files, such as unauthorized installation artifacts.

“Perception Point has allowed our team to feel at ease when it comes to OneDrive and SharePoint. There is no solution like Perception Point when it comes to offering true threat prevention for these channels.”

Director, Information Security


By deploying Perception Point’s Advanced Cloud Storage Security solution, the client was able to secure and reduce the rising risk of attacks via OneDrive and SharePoint.

With true “one-click” deployment the client was able to set up a POC within minutes on select OneDrive and SharePoint sites. After the eye-opening testing, the client was easily able to move into full-scale deployment so that the rest of the company OneDrive and SharePoint sites we covered.

A Perception Point scan is triggered any time someone uploads a new file or edits an existing file to SharePoint or OneDrive. The client is able to monitor this in real-time and is made aware of any time something malicious is uploaded.

Perception Point works closely with the client SOC team to notify and investigate suspicious activity across these channels. In one case, multiple end-user accounts were compromised via other channels which caused abnormal activity in these employee’s OneDrive. Perception Point was able to determine which people were infected based on patterns in OneDrive uploads.


Perception Point Advanced Cloud Storage Protection has provided a new layer of threat prevention for this company. As attackers shift their attention to more vulnerable channels like SharePoint and OneDrive, Perception Point continues to provide next-gen protection.


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