Case Study

Securing Teams

Perception Point was chosen to protect all content shared by the 100,000+ employees of a Fortune 500 enterprise through MS Teams. Read this case study to see how.

At a Glance

The Company

A Fortune 500 Consumer Goods enterprise with over 100,000+ employees worldwide


In the face of a pandemic, and as part of a global trend, the client needed to heavily rely on Microsoft Teams for instant communication and collaboration amongst remote workers. As more and more information would be exchanged via this channel, they needed a solution to protect against content-based attacks.

Perception Point Solutions

Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for Microsoft Teams


  • Perception Point monitors content exchanged via Teams for over 100,000 employees
  • Any time someone sends a file via Teams, Perception Point will scan file and notify client SOC if it is malicious


“Microsoft Teams was the standard for meetings, communication, and collaboration after COVID-19, but we had nothing in place to scan the content being exchanged on Teams. We needed to reduce this risk of attack via this channel if we were going to use Teams company-wide.” Director, Information Security

On top of the need for increased detection, the company also wanted to make sure that the user experience remains at the same level – in other words: that the instant messaging will remain “instant” even when scanning data shared there. Finding the delicate balance between user experience and security is a tough challenge. To meet the customer’s KPI, Perception Point was asked to create near zero delay.

“Securing Microsoft Teams creates a unique discussion between end-user experience and the security of the application. Perception Point has created a solution for this that makes me feel good as a security professional and also promotes instant communication and collaboration as intended.”

Director, Information Security


A uniform platform is an absolute necessity for team to collaborate, especially when for those who are not in the same location. Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for Microsoft Teams has provided a way for teams to do their jobs effectively, without compromising security standards.

Perception Point deployed the solution in such way that will allow immediate share of any content. Once a file/link is shared, Perception Point’s platform is being notified and instantly start to scan the content. If the data deemed malicious, an alert is sent to the SOC team, alongside initial forensics analysis of the threat. In case the client wants to receive further analysis, they can directly ask for it via a simple button in the X-Ray, Perception Point’s viewer.

With the click of a button, Perception Point was deployed across Microsoft Teams so that any file sent through this application is scanned for malicious content. Perception Point uses the same engines and layers that prevent attacks through email, OneDrive, and SharePoint and applies them to scanning Teams content.


Perception Point has provided the client with the ability to be productive using Microsoft Teams, without having to worry about the security risk the messaging channel poses.

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