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Designing Zero Trust Endpoints

Zero Trust is becoming a standard approach to securing access to enterprise applications (both cloud and on-prem).
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Is VDI Cost Effective vs Win10 Laptops?

VDI involves hosting virtual desktops on centralized server and storage infrastructure. In this blog post we discuss the cost effectiveness of VDI versus Windows 10, and what factors need to be accounted for when choosing between VDI and DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service).
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5 Pillars of a Cybersecurity Strategy & Plan: a CISO’s Guide

A cybersecurity strategy offers a clear, detailed plan that standardizes security across an organization. It helps CISOs shift from reactive to proactive security, ensuring that they are ready and prepared to respond to various relevant threats.

Behind the Attack: XML or HTML?

A new cyberattack disguises HTML phishing sites as XML files, allowing attackers to bypass and evade most detection platforms.

OneDrive, Many Malwares

Perception Point’s Incident Response team analyzes a recent malware attack targeting OneDrive.

Up Next: ATOs Takeover Universities

As an increasing number of universities are hit by account takeover attacks, it seems the educational sector may be the next trending target for cyber attackers.

Should Salesforce Security be a Concern for You?

Many organizations don’t consider the risk that Salesforce exposes them to and the importance of Salesforce security. In this blog, we will cover the use cases that expose organizations to potential risks, and the different solutions for how to best protect against them.  

Behind the Attack: Ransomware

Have you ever wondered about the intricacies of a ransomware attack? In this post we detail what goes on before, during, and after a ransomware campaign.