Attack Vectors

& N-day Attacks

Zero-day and N-day attacks are highly dangerous advanced persistent threats (APTs). Extremely hard to detect, and even harder to prevent, they can lie waiting to strike for months before ever being discovered, if they are discovered at all.


However, all it takes is for the zero-day to have one vulnerability that can be exploited against them. Learn how Perception Point turns the table.

horizontal platform zero day attack

The Zero-day Challenge

A Zero-day attack leverages a software vulnerability (aka bug) that is either unknown or unaddressed by the vendor. The problem is that common APT modules (sandboxes and CDRs) rely on known data or behaviors. Thus, when you combine an unknown bug with evasion techniques, advanced attackers can easily circumvent the detection methods of these solutions.

multi layers platform zero day attack

The Zero-Day Attack Kill Chain

Step 1


Intruder selects target, researches it for an extensive period of time, and attempts to identify vulnerabilities.

Step 2


Intruder finds unknown vulnerabilities and creates remote access malware weapon.

Step 3


Intruder transmits weapon to target (e.g. via e-mail attachments, websites or USB drives).

Step 4

Exploitation and

Malware weapon’s program code triggers, which takes action on target network to exploit vulnerability.

Step 5

C&C and Actions
on Objective

Intruder takes action to achieve their goals, such as data exfiltration, data destruction, or encryption for ransom.

Our Anti-Zero
Day Technology

Perception Point has revolutionized the way Zero-day attacks and N-days are prevented. Our proprietary HAP (hardware-assisted platform) is a next-gen dynamic engine that combines CPU-level data with innovative software algorithms to neutralize unknown threats.


The Shift: Rather than detecting malware, the HAP works at the exploit stage. If a vulnerability is unknown, it simply doesn’t matter – exploitation is a deterministic act; if there is an exploit there is an attack. By targeting attacks at this stage, the HAP cannot be bypassed by zero‑days and performs its magic in seconds not minutes.

Our Advantages

Next-gen Dynamic Scan

In independent trials, Perception Point ranked #1 in both detection and false positive rate, outperforming any other dynamic (and static) engines offered today.

Clear Verdict.
Zero False Positives

Deterministic method means we provide a clear, single verdict, allowing your SOC team to focus on the incidents that really matter.

Light Speed Prevention

Ultra-fast scanning delivers a verdict within 3 seconds on average. This speed means Perception Point can be deployed before the end-user, ensuring the content is delivered only after it is marked as clean.

Unlimited scale

We scan 100% of traffic, no shortcuts, no statistics, no guessing.

Holistic coverage (across channels)

The HAP technology can be deployed across all channels, providing equal protection against Zero-day & N-day attacks.

Rapid Deployment

All our solutions are deployed in a few clicks, creating zero fuss to you and your IT team.


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