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If you’re a SOC professional, security expert or an IT manager, this plan is for you. Perception Point’s Free Plan, allows you to protect your organization from any threat coming in via email and other collaboration channels. With a quick and easy plug-n-play deployment and without changing your existing infrastructure, you can see within minutes how Perception Point catches advanced threats that other security solutions miss. 


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#1 Detection and Lowest False Positives

Perception Point awarded #1 Email Security Solution on SE Labs Recent Email Security Review

"This extremely challenging test puts email services through a very rigorous assessment and it is to Perception Point's credit that it achieved first place and the highest AAA award.”

Simon Edwards, CEO of SE Labs
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Perception Point Free Plan

7 layers of best-in-class next-gen detection

Coverage of email and other cloud collaboration channels

Plug-n-play deployment

Access to a dashboard for management and reporting

Incident response service for analysis of incidents

Ability to request investigation for potentially malicious content in specific files and URLs

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