Free Advanced Browser Security

Securely access any risky website or document in an instantly-deployed secure browser

  • Automatically open risky or uncategorized websites in a secure browser
  • Explicitly open any suspicious website or file in a secure browser completely isolated from your operating system
  • Dramatically reduce risk of ransomware and other malware
  • Instantly deployed without any manual configuration

Fully isolate risky
websites or documents

Virtualization-based isolation protects devices from advanced threats

Risky website categories automatically launch in isolation

A standard browser experience - no need to adopt a new browser

Prevents ransomware from exfiltrating your data

Looking for an Enterprise Solution?


Think you need more browser security than what the free plan offers? Reach out to our Sales team to learn about our Secure Browser solution for enterprises, today!



What does the Secure Browser Plan include?

  • Cloud-based enterprise manageability
  • User management including SSO/SAML and RBAC
  • Define fine-grained security policies per group
  • Detect and prevent malicious websites/downloads via a multi-layer dynamic scanning engine
  • Isolate both risky and sensitive websites/files
  • Advanced DLP controls (e.g. prevent screenshots/keylogging)
  • A dedicated 24×7 incident response service

And so much more!

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