Isolate Malware and other Malicious Content



Reduce the time and money spent on whitelisting applications.



Your team can access untrusted websites and SaaS apps, without security concerns and without added latency.


Untrusted web content is deeply scanned and opened in the secured Chrome or Edge browser, reducing the risks from viruses and other downloadable threats.



Productivity and collaboration apps can be opened in a secured browser, so you can work without concern about introducing malware, ransomware, viruses and other issues.


Reduces risks from USBs and printer applications by automatically redirecting usage to Advanced Browser Security.




Isolate, detect and remediate all malicious threats from the web, including phishing, ransomware, malware, APTs, and more


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Takeaways from the CircleCI Incident

Continuous integration and delivery platform CircleCI confirmed that a security incident occurred on January 04, 2023 and was caused by an infostealer being deployed on an employee’s laptop. Because the targeted employee had privileges to generate production access tokens, the attacker was able to potentially access and steal data from a subset of databases and stores.

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