The 4P

Perception Point’s Partner Program (4P) enables you to truly serve as the trusted advisor for your clients. With Perception Point you can provide your business network with the best email and cloud collaboration-apps security solutions in the market, preventing any type of content-based threat. This is Prevention-as-a-Service. This is Perception Point.


Join us on our journey to ruin the attackers’ day, every day.

Who Should Partner with Us?

If you tick any of the following boxes, you are a great fit to our partnership program:

Your clients are getting more and more frustrated from email-borne attacks

Your clients adopt new collaboration tools, such as cloud storage platforms, CRM apps, or any other internally developed application

You aspire to give your clients with an easy-to-use tool, which can be deployed without any fuss to to you or your customer’s IT team

Your clients are facing unmanageable amounts of false positive incidents

You understand that content-based attacks are only getting more sophisticated

Your clients are transitioning to the cloud and are in a need for native security solutions

Our Pillars

Next-gen Detection

7 layers of next-gen static and dynamic engines work together to prevent any content-based attacks.


Techniques covered: Zero‑days, N-days, BEC, phishing, spam, malware,

and evasion.

& Scale

Unique technology enables us to scan dynamically 100% of traffic, regardless to size or volume. No shortcuts. No filtering.


Pure enablers of digital transformation.

& Play

Deployed within minutes, with zero fuss to your IT team. Confirms with any existing policies and SIEMs.


No long integration guides, no changes to current infrastructure.

Incident Response

Direct access to cyber security and email experts who serve as a force multiplier to SOC teams.


Providing ongoing reporting, deep dive analyses, and 24/7 support.

Benefits for
Our Partners

Recognized solution

Proven by fortune 500 companies and recognized by leading analysts.

Holistic offering

A wide range of product offerings allows you to create the best bundles for your customer, based on their needs.

Attractive margins

Competitive pricing for any customer budget or size, while maintaining high partner margins.

High success rate

Most of our POCs turn into a deal, due to our high and immediate value demonstrated by our solution to potential customers.

Zero-effort Onboarding

Deployment of the solution in minutes, without any disruption to the regular email or content flow.

Training & Support

Partners are given direct access to our materials and knowledge accumulated by our customers and prospects, as well as tools and technical support.

Become a Partner

The 4P opportunity is open for any advisor, MSP/MSSP, VAR/reseller who is looking to better serve their clients. Simply fill in the Partner Application below and begin the process of becoming a member of 4P. We’re looking forward to working together.

Why Perception Point?

With millions of emails, files, and URLs scanned every day, Perception Point offers the best content security against any threat, across all channels. Our Prevention-as-a-Service model ensures that once deployed, your customers immediately benefit from best-in-class protection, regardless to their security team size or knowledge. Trusted by global enterprises, our Gartner-recognized, revolutionary technology, combines best-of-breed dynamic and static engines to intercept any form of content-based attack, including phishing, impersonation, malware, and APTs. By cutting scan time in up to 40x in comparison to any other anti-APT modules – we are bringing prevention back.
Access to the best prevention technology in the market, helping you to truly serve your trusted advisor philosophy.
Direct access to our Incident Response team, comprised of highly skilled cybersecurity experts, all IDF veterans. The IR team automates and simplifies all incidents prevented by Perception Point’s solutions.
Highly experienced team with a deep understanding of how partners work and how end-customers think.
Scale agnostic architecture ensures best in class performance across any type of organizations and any size.